HeroClix 2021 Rules Article 1: The Indomitable Knot

Posted January 26th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

To read the full article (and you really should) head on over to the Heroclix website.

Here's the quick, TL;DR:

  • Pushing Damage is no longer going to exist. It will not be a game term
  • If a figure receives a second token, they will have to clear but nothing else happens
  • Willpower is going to be changed to "At the beginning of your turn, you may roll a d6. [5]-[6]: Remove an action token from this character."
  • Indomitable will no longer exist. The Indom symbol () will be the standard Defense symbol (meaning everyone will have it on their base)
  • Colossal Stamina will no longer exist
  • Great Size is being changed to "Great Size (2021) – (Improved Movements), (Improved Targeting). Lines of fire drawn to or from this character are not blocked by elevated terrain or outdoor blocking terrain, and are hindered only if the line of fire is drawn to a square of hindering terrain that includes the target. This character can use Willpower and succeeds on a roll of [3]-[6]. Protected: Pulse Wave."
  • Masters of Evil is getting changed to "Masters of Evil (2021) – When an adjacent friendly character makes a close attack, modify the target’s defense -1 if the target is adjacent to this character."

The new Rule Book will be available for purchase when Wonder Woman 80 comes. Keep an eye on this space and heroclix.com for more updates.


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