HeroClix 2021 Rules 4 – Themed Teams

Posted February 3rd, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

You know the drill. Please go and read the article yourself, as people put in hard work to explain the choices being made, at Heroclix.com

For those that just want a quick rundown:

  • There is no cap on Initiative, but the most you can ever have over your opponent is +3
    • You have a +5 to initiative, your opponent has a +1 (more on that later). Your effective initiative bonus is a +4. Or if you have a +12 and your opponent has a +4, your effective initiative is a +7.
  • Generic and Named Themed teams both have access to TTPC now (so, it is not basically are you a Themed Team or not?)
  • A team made up of a single character can now be a Themed Team.
  • (Upcoming Rule book text) Characters on a themed team can use Probability Control up to X total times per game for that force. X is equal to the number of characters with the chosen keyword on that starting force, up to a maximum of 3.
    • No longer gives a token, no longer needs the keyword, the character using Prob can target itself


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