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Posted February 10th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

So, something you may not know about me. I don't just love Heroclix, I also love comics. And my love of comics very often informs and feeds my love of Clix. And I absolutely adore the Hickman run of Fantastic Four, especially since it led into his Avengers run and then Secret Wars.

But back to Fantastic Four. Love it. So these previews are especially precious to me. First up!

This Reed is a precious Reed. He's the one that met the Council of Reeds and when faced with the choice of science or family, chose family. And his trait is representative of that choice. Most (all?) of the Sidekicks in this set are from the Future Foundation and Reed lets them use Leadership. Because he recognizes that innovation and the future lie in cooperation. So he wants to pass his knowledge and experience onto another generation that can support each other and make the world better for everyone.

So much so that he even helps Dr. Doom because his daughter reminds him it's the right thing to do.

The Mad Thinker is a pretty straight forward villain. He's a genius in a robotics and does a lot of nefarious acts with that genius. Including building duplicates of himself to escape capture or defeat.

But he did give us Awesome Andy, so he can't be all bad, now can he?

There are very few things that Dr. Doom and Reed Richards agree on. One is that they don't get along or trust each other. And another is that Valeria Richards is much smarter than her father. And those two agreed upon facts are what lead to Dr. Doom joining the Future Foundation.

Valeria learns of the Council of Reeds and realizes her father will need help to defeat them. And the best person to do that is Dr. Doom. However, when Valeria sneaks out to Latveria to ask Uncle Doom for help, she notices that he is suffering degenerative brain damage and losing himself. So, she makes a grand bargain that the Fantastic Four will help Doom become himself again if he helps them figure out how to defeat Reed Richards.

Because Valeria is much smarter than her father.

The Wizard is a very special man. He is a certifiable genius that has made several amazing technological breakthroughs only to create his own twisted version of the Fantastic Four by way of the Frightful Four. He even managed to have clones of himself made, intending to raise them as his own children. And when one of them, 23, is adopted by the Future Foundation the Wizard is able to stare back through the mirror. When Bentley 23 does the right thing, Wizard sees a healthier and happier version of himself in the young boy.

And then there's Nathaniel Richards. No, not Kang, the Nathaniel Richards that is the father of Reed. And also a time traveling inventor. But this one never fights the Avengers. He does his best to raise and support his son while he can until he is recruited by the Brotherhood of the SHIELD alongside Howard Stark. This leads to him becoming estranged from his son for years. Nathaniel makes a few appearances via time travel to help the family and comes back to help Reed start the Future Foundation. And some times being there when it counts is all you can do.

Once again, big thanks to Wizkids for the opportunity to share these previews with you all. Be sure to use their shop locator if you want to support your local Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop. And if you don't have a local FNGS, you can always buy directly from Wizkids on their own site or over at their Amazon store.


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