Nexusversary: Support the Community

Posted February 24th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Hard to believe the site's already been around a year. Or only around a year, depending on how you look at it. We already have a successful Patreon, are receiving official previews from Wizkids and have the best darn units section on the web. That's a lot of ground made up in the year that time forgot.

So March, we're going to celebrate a little. And while there will be a year long sweepstakes that focuses more on us, we also wanted to do something to bring attention to some of the groups that are doing great work in the Heroclix community. And that's what we're announcing today.

Throughout March, we'll be making #nexusversary contest posts in the following groups on Facebook:

The contests will vary. One day it might be a trivia question, another it might be a team build contest. Hell, if I get really motivated, I may ask for customs. But they will be spread throughout all those groups, no purchase is necessary, and I will post a picture of the prize for that particular contest. So, you better go join and answer all their membership questions now.

Sincerely, thank you for taking this ride with us. It is with great pleasure that we take our responsibility to the Heroclix community seriously. And we want to be doing this in another 20 years.


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