Contest Time!

Posted April 19th, 2020 by Joe Pangrazio

So, most of us are still stuck in our houses. And the clix supply is still really low. So, it's time to get some clix out to the people! I think this is going to be of interest to those you that have yet to get any JLU.

From now until 4/26/20, if you register (or are registered) on our forums, you will be entered into a drawing. On 4/27, I will do a drawing and contact the winners. Then the winners will be announced on here (if they are open to it).

So what are you entering for?


And, I will add more prizing if we get a big turn out. I've got a bunch of Con Exclusives laying around. Maps if people want them (paper). Bunch of stuff.

Thanks for your time and I hope you're all staying safe and sane out there.


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