Official Announcement: The Clix Cup July 22-25

Posted March 18th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Welcome Heroclix players! 2020 was an especially trying year for us all. However, we are moving towards the right direction in 2021. While 2020 has left us starving with 0 in person Heroclix con events, we now have a light at the end of the tunnel. I am self-funding more than 10% of the cost of the event – prices are as low as I can make them without taking a significant loss. Keep in mind there are several costs to the event such as judges and event staff, event space, food/drink, huge prizing, etc. I have to purchase all of the prizing.

I present to you The Clix Cup. A 3 and ½ day event of Heroclix, friends, and fun. Before getting into the location and event details, a few words of safety:

• The event space is being professionally sanitized by the resort prior to our arrival – this includes sanitizing all seats and tables as well as a fog machine sanitizing the entire room

• You are REQUIRED to wear a MASK at all times while in the event space. If you do not possess a suitable mask, one will be provided for you free of charge

• Tables will be socially distanced to the proper CDC guidelines

• Your temperature will be taken when entering the event hall. Those with a fever or Covid-19 symptoms will not be permitted entry

• You will be required to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer upon entry into the event hall, as well as after each game played (sanitizer will be provided for you, and there will be bottles on each game table)

• Masks may only be removed when it is time to eat at the banquet event, in which tables will again be properly socially distanced

Event Details:

This event is being held at The Hyatt Regency Hotel Orlando located at 9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 on July 22-25, 2021. This is a 4 star resort with restaurants on site, multiple pools and waterslides, and is in the middle of the entertainment-ridden International Drive of Orlando. Minutes from Disney, Universal, and world class food and shopping.

This event has been booked 100% and a non-refundable deposit has been made out of my own pocket.

I have paid an extra fee to keep the entire space available for play from Thursday night to Sunday at midnight. Abuse of the space will result in an immediate removal from the event.

There is a block of 25+ rooms blocked off for the event, starting Thursday night to Monday. The standard room rate is $209-$229 per night for a 2 Queen room with a $29 per night resort fee and a $15 per night parking fee. I have negotiated a special rate of $139 per night with a $0 resort fee as well as a $0 parking fee if staying at the hotel! You will be given a code to use for this special rate. You may self-park from another hotel, but you will be charged a fee of $17 per day as a discounted rate. We encourage you to stay at the event hotel as it helps keep my cost the same.

If you are staying at the event hotel, you will be entered in a special raffle. There will be 2 winners. The first winner will receive a sealed case of the new X-Men Rise and Fall set. The second winner will receive the new Ultra-Chase Deadpool from the same set. You MUST be registered at the front desk in your specific room to receive this ticket. Entries will be verified with the front desk. There is a total allowance of 4 people per room, so the maximum number of tickets from each room is 4. Upon entering the event hall on Friday morning you will be given your ticket if you are registered in a room.

There will be a full-service dinner banquet on Friday night. The chef at this resort is excellent. You will be fed, there will be drinks, and there will be entertainment. There will be chase, super rare, and sealed product giveaways, as well as a FUN contest you are encouraged to participate in for another prize! The cost of this banquet to you is being passed on at roughly 40% of the actual cost to put it on. You will absolutely get your money's worth here!

There will be an official Heroclix retailer, House Rules Gaming of Kissimmee, FL on site the entire weekend. House Rules is famous for their figure previews and attendance at Wizkids presentations. They will be providing the sealed product for all events and will have sealed product and singles for sale on site all weekend.

This event will be furnished with proper judging and event staff to ensure a smooth time, including our head judge and our only sponsor – Joe Pangrazio, who is the owner of ClixNexus, our favorite online Heroclix tool/site.

This event has a player cap of 120 people. I have paid extra for the 2nd largest ballroom on company property, the Florida ballroom. Pre-covid it has a maximum occupancy of 440 people in a classroom setting. Currently, they are operating at a CDC-recommended 220 people. I don’t feel comfortable with that many, so I’ve nearly cut that in half as well for safety reasons.

Bullying, harassment, or fighting of any kind is strictly prohibited during the entirety of the event. You may not belittle others for their social, political, or sexual beliefs of any nature. You must respect the event’s safety measures – if you don’t want to wear a mask or sanitize for everyone’s safety, this event is not for you. Failure to adhere to policy will result in an immediate ban and you will not be refunded for the event.

Event schedule:

Thursday Night:

8:30 PMCasual night – You will build a 500 point Named Theme Team which is limited to a maximum of 1 chase, 1 LE, and 1 Super Rare. All other figures legal from The Mighty Thor on. No relics and/or resources (including resource dials). No ID cards. 3 Rounds of Swiss, no top cut.


8:30 A.M. - Registration begins for Modern 300. You will have team build sheets that must be filled out properly and signed off by a judge. 10:30 AM first round begins. Swiss rounds will commence leading to a top cut. The number of rounds and size of top cut depends on the amount of players present.

11 A.M. – 6 P.M. - Battle Royals are also available to play, with limited extra product if you have not pre-paid.

You are also welcome throughout the day to use tables that are not being used as part of the event(s) for casual play.

7:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. in the same room – Dinner Banquet


8:30 A.M. Registration begins for Team Sealed. 9:15 A.M. Boosters are handed out and opened simultaneously. Each team will receive 6 boosters to build from, from a sealed case. Build sheets MUST be signed off on by a judge. Swiss rounds begin at 10:30. Top cut will commence after swiss rounds.

11 A.M. - 6 P.M. Battle Royals.

Free play all day.


9 A.M. Registration begins for "TBD" Team builds must be signed off on by a judge by 10:15 A.M. Swiss Rounds begin at 10:30 A.M. Top cut will commence after swiss.

Prizing & Giveaways:

There will be GENEROUS prizing for this event. These are the prize MINIMUMS. They will NOT go down. This encompasses several thousand dollars of your event fees being paid. The first 20 registrations go directly to prizing alone.

Casual Night prizing:

• Winner will receive a Sealed Case of X-Men Rise and Fall

• Runner-up will receive a Sealed Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall

300 Modern Prizing:

• Winner will receive $300 and a Sealed Case of X-Men Rise and Fall, as well as a custom 1st place Trophy and a custom Jeremiah Peterson figure and token tray, as well as 5 Clix Cup Points

• Runner-up will receive $100 and a Sealed Case of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as a custom trophy, as well as 3 Clix Cup Points

• 3rd place will receive $100 and a Sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as custom trophy and 2 Clix Cup Points

• 4th place will receive a Sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as 1 Clix Cup Point

• 5-8th place will receive $20 each

Team Sealed Prizing:

• Winning team will receive $300 and a Sealed case and 1 Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall, as well as 3 custom made trophies and each player wins 5 Clix Cup Points

• Runner-up team will receive $150 and a Sealed case of X-Men Rise and Fall, as well as 3 custom made trophies and each player wins 3 Clix Cup Points

• 3rd place team will win a sealed case of X-Men Rise and Fall and each player will win 2 Clix Cup points

• 4th-8th place will receive 3 Boosters per team

Sunday Event Prizing:

• Winner will receive a Sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as 3 Clix Cup Points

• Runner up will receive 5 Sealed Boosters of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as 2 Clix Cup Points

• 3rd-4th will receive 2 Sealed Boosters of X-Men Rise and Fall as well as 1 Clix CupPoint

• 5-10th will receive 1 Sealed Booster of X-Men Rise and Fall


The player with the most Clix Cup Points will be crowned the Grand Champion and will receive a Sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall, a custom-made Goldee Hon Heroclix custom as well as a Grand Champion Dice and Token Tray from Jeremiah Peterson and a custom Grand Trophy for the event. All prizes will be awarded on site at the event on Sunday. If there is a tie in points, the player with the most victory points wins.

The runner-up of the event will receive a Sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall and a custom trophy.


• For the registered players staying on Resort property (will be strictly verified and only up to 4 tickets per room), you will be entered into a raffle. Winner will receive 1 Sealed case of X-Men Rise and Fall, and the runner-up will receive the newest Deadpool Ultra Chase figure

• At the banquet, all in attendance will receive 2 raffle tickets. The first ticket is for the chance to win a chase figure from X-Men Rise and Fall or Wonder Woman 80th (it will be one of the more desirable ones) and the other ticket is to win a sealed Booster Brick of X-Men Rise and Fall or Wonder Woman 80th

Pricing and Registration:

Registration will OPEN on 3/22/2021. Registration will CLOSE on 4/22/2021. With the amount of interest received already for the event, I do anticipate a sell-out well in advance of 4/22. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute of registration. Initially, 100 spots will be available. An additional 20 will become available when the first 100 sell out to allow people who haven’t seen the event news register. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to prepay for BRs, as only a limited amount of extra product will be available for extra BRs, and once that is sold they are done.

***IMPORTANT*** - TO REGISTER – BEGINNING ON MIDNIGHT 3/22, YOU MUST E-MAIL ME AT explaining your intent to register. ONLY e-mail this account once you are 100% positive you will be attending. You CANNOT register other players. I will e-mail you back documents for signup -

• A release of liability waiver – in the case you catch Covid-19 or injure yourself or get sick in any way, you release me personally of liability

• A notice of charges and refund/return policy – REGISTRATION IS 100% NON-REFUNDABLE, unless an act of god is proven on your behalf or I or the Resort for whatever reason cancel the event. This event is being pre-paid to the venue as SOON as registration is closed and paid for. ALL sealed product that is pre-paid is ordered immediately through House Rules Gaming – an authorized Heroclix retailer. You MAY transfer your registration to another player who has not yet signed up IF you receive an approval from myself.

• A signup sheet for your options of event(s) and what you would like to participate in.

• Once these forms are signed and sent back to the e-mail you received within 24 hours of receiving them, you will have 24 hours to submit payment for the event.

Pricing is as follows:

Bronze Medal Event Ticket – Includes entry into the Event including 300 Point Modern, Thursday’s Casual Night, and Sunday event. Also included will be snacks and soft drinks and water throughout the event (limited quantities), and a custom-made Clix Cup Light Object from Jeremiah Peterson. Price is $180 for the weekend.

Silver Medal Event Ticket – Includes ALL the above PLUS the Friday night banquet of which there will be great food, entertainment, and giveaways. Price is $210.

Gold Medal Event Ticket – Includes all the above plus entry into Team Sealed (single player, each person on the team must register for Team Sealed). Price is $240.

Platinum Medal Event Ticket – Includes all the above plus an Event-only Clix Cup custom T shirt – design shown in the pictures. Size is required at registration. Price is $260.

Add ons:

Team Sealed - $30 per person. You must pay your own entry. This is included in the Gold and Platinum tickets.

T-Shirt - $20. This is included in the Platinum ticket.


Banquet ticket for a +1 - $75

Battle Royals - $19 per BR. Guaranteed spots. There will be LIMITED extra product for BRs, so please pre-pay if possible.

After being registered to the event you will be placed on the roster with all packages and add-ons you have chosen. You will simply bring your registration e-mail to the event with you and always KEEP IT WITH YOU. You will receive a wristband on entry as well as tickets to the event(s) you are participating in. We will have proof of registration for all events on-site for every player so that forgeries cannot be made. Once registering, await additional e-mails for further instructions and information.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Thank you and happy Clixin’!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook or via e-mail!


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