Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Previews!

Posted March 19th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Let's not skedaddle! It's preview time! First up...

First up we have a great white ape created by Gail Simone. Tolifhar is introduced as the leader of an elite unit called Gorilla Knights, that act under the orders of Gorilla Grodd. The Knights attack Wonder Woman in their first appearance. Diana is able to reason with the intelligent apes and convince them that she is not their enemy. They eventually live in Diana's apartment until such time as their honor debt is repaid to the Amazonian princess.

Aren't comics great?

Princess Maru battled Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman in World War ll. She invents the miracle drug “Reverso” and works with a Fifth Column spy unit to poison thousand of American soldiers with it. The drug forces anyone that takes it to do the exact opposite of what they're ordered to do. With the help of Etta Candy, Wonder Woman is able to defeat the villain and obtain the antidote.

But if you pull her, you can change how that story ends.

I mean...it's Ares. Looking resplendent in his George Perez designed armor. Trying to create unless war. Wonder Woman's oldest foe and possibly most BA looking one. Read your Greek mythology if you don't know enough about him. He likes fighting.

And hates doing the dishes.

Last but not least.

After the events of Flashpoint, The Indigo Tribe abducts both Sinestro (with his Green Lantern ring) and Hal Jordan. Indigo-1 tells Jordan that he is free to go, but Hal refuses to leave without Sinestro, who the Tribe are converting into an Indigo Lantern. Through some twists and turns, Hal learns that the Indigo Tribe are all sadistic criminals that have been bound to rings in order to atone for their crimes and hopefully, eventually, be reformed. All of this is done in preparation for the day that the Oans would become consumed by their power and have to be redeemed via the Indigo Tribe. After the destruction and relighting of the Indigo Central Battery, Sinestro is released from his staff on the condition that he would be redeemed as a heroic Green Lantern.

And this chase comes with the Indigo Stop Sign construct. So stop in the name of....compassion.

Once again, big thanks to Wizkids for the opportunity to share these previews with you all. Be sure to use their shop locator if you want to support your local Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop. And if you don't have a local FNGS, you can always buy directly from Wizkids on their own site or over at their Amazon store.


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