Dice Addiction Tournament Report

Posted May 24th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Howdy yall!

So this is my first time writing an article for Heroclix. This is supposed to be about my back-to-back bridesmaid run to the finals for an in-person tournament at Dice Addiction on Saturday and the following Sunday’s Scott Porter Invitational for Heroclix 4 Huntingtons online tournament. First, I want to give recognition to some people that got me where I am today. You can skip this part but it would mean very much to me if you read this in its entirety. No worries though if you just want to get to the meat of the tournament report, I get it. LOL

I would have never got into this game if it were not for two guys that opened up a little shop, Whirlwind Comics, in my hometown hundreds of miles away from their own home.

Thanks, Rudy Reyes and Matt Gonzales, for your passion and love of the game.
Yall lit the candle for me.

I want to give a shout out to the twins, Josh and Justin Jones, and my current shop, Sci-Fi Factory, for keeping the flame alive for me and our little group. I was a pretty slow player for a long while, I just hated making the wrong move and wanted so badly to make the right one. I have sped my game up thanks to my teammates and playing online.

My team is The Uncanny Clix-men. There’s a running joke in the community that we have so many members. I think that's fine because I am proud of everyone that has joined and wanted to be my brother-in-arms. We foster growth and fun while trying to compete with the best. We try to help each other and also want to help anyone who wants to play a great game, even our opponents.

Finally, I have to give a nod to Clixin It and their latest online tournament, Make it Meta, which I also won. The final two rounds inspired my team which got me to the finals twice this past weekend. We had to play with a certain figure each round and both rounds, Lilandra and Madrox, included WKM17-015 Lila Cheney and.HoX051 Maggott.

So here’s my main force:

HoX003b Bishop 40
HoX044 Magneto 25
HoX051 Maggott 40
HoX051 Maggott 40
HoX068-70 Apocalypse (Krakoan) 70
WKM17-015 Lila Cheney 25
xdpG020p Dark Phoenix 30
xdpG020p Dark Phoenix 30

This team is designed to get in your face turn two but it also has full map reach in worst case scenarios. I put either Dark Phoenix on opposite sides of my starting area with Magneto and Shard, splitting them up. In most cases, I will move action Bishop next to Lila Cheney and bring out Shard bystander to hinder long range characters. I move up Lila Cheney carrying Bishop, both Maggots, and chase -A- at least 5 squares to not hurt Lila with her own power. I usually try to move out far enough where chase -A- can Running Shot next turn, but it depends on the map and match ups.
This is where I usually gamble with my team. If I move up close enough for chase -A- to attack, my opponent can usually hit the taxi squad too. That's fine because I have two Dark Phoenix waiting to retaliate as well as strong endurance with Krakoan Revival from chase -A-. Just depends on the match up.

Use your best judgement, but I will say it's more fun to gamble.

Now for my tournament report

Saturday, Dice Addiction in Tulsa, OK, in-person tournament

Round 1
My opponent, Shawn Taylor, ran a Frightful Four theme. It was very cool to see something unexpected. It had great defensive mechanics and synergy. He could swap out a character at the beginning of the game, but the main force after the game started was: Medusa, Super Skrull, WIzard, and Klaw. This gave all his characters protected Outwit, Energy Shield Deflection, and Shape Change. I won map and put him on Ultron’s Lair. I ignored Super Skrull even though he was the most dangerous. He would have been too difficult and risky to attack. I went after Medusa first since she gave everyone Shape Change. He tried to block my path with Barrier from Klaw but I worked my way around it with Lila’s phasing and 14 speed. I poisoned her and worked her dial with Maggot bystanders. Then went after Wizard and then started attacking then poisoning him. Once I got rid of the Shape Change and protected outwit buffs, I went after Super Skrull with outwit and exploit weakness. Then it was just Klaw who I shot from a distance so his trait wouldn't hurt my guys after he gets KOd. I scored 300 to 0

Round 2

My opponent was Kaleb Redick, an often top cut and competitive player as well as a good friend and teammate of The Uncanny Clix-men. He was playing a Secret Six theme. We’ve practiced before and had a good idea how each other’s team worked. They were usually close games, 2-2 in practice. It’s difficult to remember this match, it blends with past matches. I know I won map and put him on Hedge Maze. His Scarabs would outwit my retal on both my Dark Phoenix with his special outwit even though they had Power Cosmic from across the map with an indestructible heavy object, All-Black Necro Sword, something I couldn't pick up or destroy. He would pump Sky Tyrants attack with the reality gem three times, move up prime Giganta, outwit chase -A-’s stop click, then charge flurry quake exploit weakness chase to kill him then free move back to his starting area once or twice, killing chase A and Lila Cheney.. I would then get his Giganta with outwit from Bishop and kill her with Maggot bystander or Bishop. I would then trade blows back and forth, but I was fighting an uphill battle after I lost chase -A-. I only know the score because the WIN system says I lost 300-115.

Round 3
I play against Edward Shelton of Phoenix Nest with Justice League theme. He had shifting Wonder Woman with rotating equipment, WW Flash with Charge and another with TK, prime Giganta at full, JLU starter Martian Manhunter, BtAS chase Robin, JLU Hawkgirl with Reality Gem. This team has full map reach with TK from Flash and power action from Martian Manhunter, shifting focus Wonder Woman can get at least an 18 square reach. I think I won map and put him on Ultron’s Lair. I moved up just enough for Lila to not get hurt and waited to see what Edward would do. He moved up Wonder Woman and attacked my guys free with the lasso and incapped my guys and a Dark Phoenix. Shifted to the rare Wonder Woman and gave my guys -1 to defense and incapped me again, giving -2 to my taxi squad and Dark Phoenix. He then attacked with Giganta from across the map. I think I rolled out with a Maggot but the rest of the taxi squad took 4 damage with reducers, but a Maggot rolled out with Super Senses, I think… I'm having trouble remembering what happened there. I think Lila died. I didn't need to her come back with Krakoan Revival since his two main attackers were already in my face. A Dark Phoenix died too, I think. Chase -A- gets a Crystal token since a standard character died. I gave him Outwit and outwitted Giganta’s defense. Dropped a poison bystander twice with both Maggots and attacked her twice with perplexed down defense and KOd her. I ate up the bystanders and gave each Maggot a Food token. I chipped at Wonder WOman with Dark Phoenix and rested. I chipped at her dial for the next turn or two until I KOd her but she got Bishop before she did, then the double charge Flash then the rest of Edward’s team got hurt then KOd by the rest of my team. I won 300 - 65.

Round 4
This round my opponent is Lucas Van Tom Holland, renowned as highly skilled and competitive and for his memes. He played a monster theme with prime Doppelganger, some orange Proteus, Commissioner, Sky Tyrant, and two Scarabs.with some equipment. I won map and put him on Ultron’s Lair. This match was a tough one because he has a lot of attackers and barrier. I was not as aggressive because he had multiple ways to mess with my one strategy. I made a shard, moved up my taxi squad and split up my Dark Phoenix and moved a bird up too to help get rid of barrier as well as as bait him to attack. He had tried to TK Commissioner, generate a Rookie, and running shot both my Dark Phoenix. Unfortunately he didnt see my Shard and I didnt see what he was trying to do until I saw him counting squares to shoot. He was content to hold himself to his actions and movement but I encouraged him to roll it back until he brought back Commissioner to his starting area with no Rookie. He sent out Sky Tyrant instead and flurried to kill my Shard and a Dark Phoenix and got some revenge tokens. I retal’d with my other dark Phoenix, ran back with a Maggot and chase -A- to KO Sky Tyrant. I carried back Maggot with DP and then carried with Magneto to Lila and she carried my taxi squad to move across the board to work on some of his barrier with poison. This was a big risk because of all his outwit and Doppelganger but I like taking risks. We went back and forth on attacks, I got some super sense rolls and impervious rolls and some of his attacks did not land. So my risks paid off, I don't recommend this, but it is more fun for me. I won 300-150

Round 5
My opponent was Lucas Landis who was also 4-1 with a pretty strong build. Voyager, chase Widow, Captain Marvel, and Black Leopard with the Wakanda map bonus for super senses re-roll. He had won map and we went to Wakanda.His team worked a little similar to mine with taxi squad and dropping Widow recruits and Chewie but no points for retal, but he had high defenses along with good positioning with Black Leopard and stealth with BL and BW. He moved up his squad for turn two, but I don't think he knew how far my reach was though because I had dropped my guys right on his, outwitted Cap Marvel, poisoned Marvel, Widow and Leopard and started working on Widow’s dial. I didn't make Shard. Since his guys were all there and there wasn't a need to, I think. I also moved up the birds for theme team prob with the Maggot bystanders attacking. I think he killed Bishop and I brought back a Maggot with Krakoan Revival. I retal’d with a Dark Phoenix, dealt some damage and doubled up his team. I eventually got Black Leopard then Widow and then Capt Marvel with Voyager left. I won 300- 90

Currently, I am 4-1 with 1315 points putting me in second before top cut. There were 32 players so there was a top cut of 16. One thing I will say about playing in person over online is there is a level of physical endurance on top of mental endurance. The better you play the longer you play and my team almost always goes across the map, so there was a lot of standing involved, which I am not built for. I was also very tired from the road trip to Tulsa with a long drive and short night of sleep. But I'm here, so I'll do my best as long as I can and see where that gets me.

Top 16
Micah Love, never heard of him before but apparently he must be some kind of good since he made top cut. Haha, Actually, Micah is a teammate of mine and close friend that rode up with me. He played a monster theme with Sky Tyrant, Immortal Hulk, 3 Wendigos, Scarab, Commissioner, and a Moloid with equipment. This is a scary match up because of the multiple attackers. I won, put him on Ultrons Lair, moved up my guys and see if he would try to attack with Sky Tyrant. He waited instead, TKing Hulk and equipped him with the doc ock arms but did not click him. I moved up and KOd Sky Tyrant and I think hurt Commissioner to last click with two poisons from Maggot bystanders. I kept chase -A- back I believe since he might get overwhelmed with Wendigos. After that, I think Micah failed to make many successful attacks. The next turn I think I got rid of everything except Hulk who had several Anger tokens. I think he landed one attack but missed the other 2. I spun his dial multiple times to continue keeping him on his first click. I eventually won out 299-0.

Top 8
I played Kevin Nelson from Phoenix Nest, he ran two Knull and Mister Oz. Another tough match up since I cant outwit the shape change of 4-6. I won map and once again I put my opponent on Ultron’s Lair. I moved up everyone, including both Dark Phoenix just out of reach unless he overextended his Knulls and split them up. I wanted to try to get in there and have as many attackers as possible to start working on Knull because of that awesome shape change. I moved up my taxi squad, poisoned Oz to death and see what happens.He killed a Lila Cheney and hurt chase -A-. One mechanic that happened a lot and came into play was the crystal tokens chase -A- gets when a standard character is KOd, any standard character, opposing or friendly. I got a Knull off impervious with a bystander and then gave Maggot Battle Fury and also ate a food token to get +1 to stats. I started working his dial but it took a couple of turns. He also KOd Bishop who really wasn't doing anything except TTPC. I got another Crystal Token and gave Dark Phoenix battle fury to help work Knull’s dial. Unfortunately for Kevin he didn't get many successful shape change rolls. I don't remember the exact score but I had won 300-65 I think.

Top 4
I get matched up with Edward Shelton again. He wins map and puts me on Negative Zone to bunch up my guys. I think this could've worked in his favor but I got all my rollouts with Dark Phoenix and Maggots and chase -A-. I also got 3-6 roll removing a token from a Dark Phoenix and retal’d placing her to attack the rest of the team he pushed up. He was more aggressive this round but unfortunately for him he didn't get any of his rollouts because I rolled back to back crit hits with DP getting rid of Flash’s and Robin. I outwitted Giganta and killed her and all he had left was shifting Wonder Woman. I don't remember the final score but I think it was 300-0.

Top 2
Back at it again with Kaleb Redick in the finals. I won map and we went on Hedge Maze again. Looking back, maybe I should have used Kings Tomb to block line of fire on Scarab but I went with what I knew and chose Hedge Maze. I moved up my guys and he stayed where he was with most of his force except prime Giganta who outwitted Lila’s special movement. I tried attacking with chase -A- and missed. I moved up the squad to next to SKy Tyrant and brought out a poison guy and attacked SKy Tyrant. I had screwed up and did not call out poison. I then screwed up with the other bystander and not calling out exploit weakness to KO Sky Tyrant. Kaleb held me to it. At this level of competition and point of the game and tournament, you can't make mistakes because you might not have a forgiving opponent. I will be honest, I was tempted to forfeit. I don't like to play that strictly regardless of the match, casual or competitive. That will usually net me more losses than wins, but at the end of day I feel more satisfied at how the games are played out. This was a bittersweet loss, I am happy for my friend and teammate who won but I didn't like how he won. Kaleb won 275-50, I think.

So, I had an awesome run at Dice Addiction in Tulsa, OK, going 7-2. The event ran smoothly and safely by Chip Knight and his judges were quick and on top of the rules despite the recently released comp rule book. I got to see a lot of familiar faces and made new friends and played some great clix. I also got to touch Kalder Ness’s belt buckle and I think that helped my luck that day. I won a brick with awesome pulls. This team is a lot of fun, it is dangerous to play with and against. It scores a lot of points and gives up a lot of points, my kind of fun where my opponent and I just really trade back and forth and see where the dice land.

Now me and my teammates drove straight back home after the tournament, which took us about 6 hours. We needed to take multiple stops to switch drivers and eat and drink and stretch and do whatever we could to stay awake. Dustin Seeders and I needed to get back home because we had also signed up for the 300 Modern Scott Porter Invitational the next day.

I will pause right here so as not to inundate yall with too many details. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. I'm sorry to any of my opponents if I misremembered any details of the matches, I tried to get the highlights for me as best I could. It was all kind of a blur with exhaustion and playing 19 rounds of Heroclix within 40 hours.

Thanks Joe and ClixNexus for allowing me to share my story and my team. I hope you tune in for day 2 of my tournament report.

If you would like to talk to me directly, join my facebook discussion group and Discord of The Bradcast Show.


I have a lot of resources for you to play and participate online using roll20. I also hold cash tournaments on a weekly basis if you would like to try to play with some friendly competition. If you never played online before I would be more than happy to help you learn and also there are dozens of guys in the community that would as well. The more, the merrier.

As always, try to be kind and understanding.


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