Clix Cup: Last Minute Checklist

Posted July 18th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

I had a little fun with this, but there are a few I want to dive into.

*Make sure you have maps for sealed. This is the one thing that EVERYONE forgets. Maybe you'll get lucky and be able to buy or borrow legal maps down there. But why not just avoid the whole issue and make sure to bring some maps with you?

*We are still requiring masks for the event. We're going to have around 80 people in a room together for 10 hours or so. If you sneeze in your mask, you're going to want to swap it out. So better to be prepared.

*If your figure has errata, it's on you to have it and inform your opponent. And while you don't have to print out everything from it, the FAQ is still something you should familiarize yourself with. No one likes surprises.

*Bring a good attitude. This is the biggest in person event in the United States in almost 2 years. We're in a nice hotel. There's no reason to be a poor sport. Let's just roll some dice and play some Heroclix.

Because remember. This is supposed to be fun.


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