The Clix Gentleman Rules Round Up 002: We've Been Trying to Reach You About Your Erratas

Posted August 18th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

One thing I'd like to point out: last week, it seems the WIN team went through and integrated all the New Rules errata into the existing Modern errata thread. I appreciate this as that will definitely help players moving forward. So, good job, folks!

First up, let's look at Mary Shazam...AGAIN!

WW80 050 Mary Shazam

TO PROTECT MY FAMILY Defend. // Once per attack, when another friendly character within range and line of fire would be targeted by an attack, you may roll a d6. [4-6]: Place Mary Shazam adjacent to that character and she becomes the target of the attack, even if it would be illegal.

So, Mary's Quake special power got an errata to bring it in line with the new rules. We covered that last time. This one is a fairly simple fix to keep a weird situation from coming up. With the old wording, you could theoretically roll for the secondary effect multiple times if multiple friendlies were targeted. And Mary would then become the only target of the attack. This is obviously not what was intended and it could get dicey with weird interactions, so better for this to only trigger once per attack.

S002 Alchemical Fire

EFFECT: When equipped, place the Alchemical Fire in the circle on the front of this card with the arrow indicator pointing to the effect of your choice. // FREE: Roll a d6. Choose either clockwise or counter-clockwise and turn the Alchemical Fire in that direction a number of effects equal to half the result. Until you roll again, attacks made by the equipped character have the listed effect.

So, there is no actual functional change to this. The Fire still works the way it always did. This just gives clearer text so that arguments can't be made to play it in an abuseable way.

And then I thought it might be helpful to highlight some recent rulings, just to make sure people are aware of them (though many of them are linked on the appropriate unit or effect, in the case of the Rally ruling).

Form the New Fantastic Four

If I use Form the New Fantastic Four to replace more than 1 piece, do I need to note each individual replacement for scoring purposes?


This is how everyone should have been running these teams anyway (due to replacement scoring rules). But seeing as how the only real example we had up until now was the Form the New Fantastic Four trait, and that was good but never ground breaking, it just took care of itself up until now. However, with new more viable options coming in Rise and Fall, this is good to note. You need to know what figures are replacing what figures. And then you score whichever is greater.

Example: if you replace Character A worth 75 points with Character B worth 20 points and Character B is KO'd, your opponent scores 75 points. Replacements cannot be used to “cheat” an opponent out of points.

FuFo Prisoner of Planet Doom

Does skipping your turn count as finishing a turn for the purpose of first turn immunity ending?

Yes. The player will be considered to have taken and finished their first turn. Their characters would still be protected by First Turn Immunity until the second player completes their first turn.

So, this is an odd one but seems to track. Even though Prisoner forces you to skip your first turn (if your opponent rolls average) you're still considered to have taken it. So the first turn you take will be your second turn, as far as "the game" is concerned.

WW80 Giganta 037a

If Giganta uses Size Manipulation to become Giant can Giganta roll for the Willpower granted by Great Size this turn?

No. When the "beginning of turn" trigger occurs, all applicable effects in play all trigger and then resolve in the order of the active player's choosing. Giganta's Willpower was not in play when the "beginning of turn" trigger was checked, so it will not trigger or resolve.

No shocker here. This is how Beginning of Turn triggers have worked for years (Uncanny X-Men Mystique was the first one that shone a light on it). But not everyone has been playing that long, so always good to have a refresher.

CAA 069 Namor

Is Namor considered to have Dolphin during force construction, therefore able to gain the Pirate keyword from Blackbeard?

Yes. Traits (and their applicable effects) are active during force construction.

This is a bit of a reversal from some old rulings. Normally, traits needed to have the clarifier that Blackbeard has, “during Force Construction,” in order to be active during Force Construction. This specific interaction isn't especially egregious but we'll see if this ends up having any odd consequences down the road.

So, for now, Namor can be a dirty pirate.

Shifting Focus: WW (or any Shifting Focus really)

If Wonder Woman 001 uses shifting focus to become Wonder Woman 041, then next turn Wonder Woman 041 uses shifting focus to become Wonder Woman 001, will that Wonder Woman 001 be able to equip a Wonder Woman Equipment for her PRINCESS OF THEMYSCIRA Trait?


Ultimately, all this boils down to is the same physical piece (in this case, Wonder Woman 001) considered to start the game each time it is generated from your sideline for Shifting Focus. And the answer is yes.

So, she can continue to start the game equipped with any Wonder Woman equipment from outside the game.

Simple concept with decent implications. So, important to highlight.

And then there's the big one...


1. Can a character have more than one RALLY die on their card?


2. If an attack roll has the matching number show on each die (such as [5][5]), would I get two RALLY dice?

Yes. You could choose two different applicable characters on your force to gain a RALLY die or choose one applicable character on your force twice to gain a RALLY die (resulting in two RALLY dice for that character).

Those Rally dice are getting stacked up. Here comes the pain.

And that's it for this week.

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Until next time, please be courteous, be kind, and read the rules.


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