More News Wednesday

Posted October 27th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Communication straight from Wizkids (quoted with permission):

• Nov-Jan we're deploying a mixture of fresh, high value, and interesting promos to stores: Master Mold, Wonder Woman with Jumpa, Phoenix 1,000,000 BC. Each kit also will have convention level promos as participation prizing.

• Fantastic Four Storyline OP Kits are releasing in December but most stores will want to run multiple sessions of this event, covering them for Dec, Jan, and maybe even Feb. These events work well with small pods, and if stores have inventory, players should be able to even enjoy them as pick-up events. These events are designed to drive not just in-store play, but Battle Royale play. Silver Surfer (below) is a prize figure from this event series, and Reed Richards Alpha (also below) is a participation prize figure from this series.

• During Q2 we'll have some kits that are like Monthly OP as stores have seen it in the past, but with sets of characters that have a more cohesive and exciting feel than ever.

• For some stores, we know the following may be the most exciting piece: 2022 will include a return to Championship events, details TBA.


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