Clix Yule 21 Day #2: STL Files!

Posted December 22nd, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

So, for those of you just joining us, Clix Yule is a twelve day celebration I do at the end of the year. It is meant to be in the vein of Clixmas, which I hope Dishin Up Clix will be doing this year. Last year, it was twelve days of giveaways, with the winners being chosen from those that sign up for the Clix Nexus Patreon.

This year will have some of that. And I will mark those days appropriately, with the drawings being made in January.

Day 1

But we're also going to do some days that are less limited. And this is one of those days.

Available right now to all current patrons are a number of STL files ready to 3D print courtesy of our own Justin Hafford. There are cool clips for your figures, larger ID ring devices and even an awesome Clix Yule ornament!

Until Jan. 1st all these will be available to all Patreon levels. After Jan. 1st, per a discussion with Justin, they will be moved to a new $20 level. These are awesome items guys. If you want to see some of them in action, you can even check out a video I did with earlier prototypes.



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