Clix Carta 001: January 2022

Posted January 29th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

Clix Carta is the new article series where I will touch on rulings/errata. The first goal of this series will be to simply make players aware of ruling/erratas that have been made. And beyond simply reporting what these say, I will also attempt to give context when appropriate. Context to why the questions or additions of wordings are necessary. So, let's dive right in on the last month's worth.

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FORCE FIELD SHOVE FREE: Choose a character within range and line of fire and roll a d6. Knock that character back equal to the result in a direction of your choosing.

Q: Can Invisible Woman choose herself and knock herself back in a direction of her choice?

A: Yes

This is ultimately a straight forward one. Because knock back is always away from the character generating it, it needed to be clarified that Invisible Woman could choose herself and the direction she is being knocked toward. As it's not that intuitive to say that you are knocking yourself away from yourself.

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SILENTLY STALKING: Wolverine can’t be targeted until he has made an attack this game or is adjacent to his Mark.

PROBABILITY CONTROL Once per turn, you may reroll a target character’s attack roll or break away roll. A targeted character must be within range and line of fire, minimum range 6.

Q: When Wolverine makes the first attack this game, can he be targeted during that attack with an effect such as Probability Control?

A: No. Wolverine can't be targeted by an effect until he has fully resolved an attack (or is adjacent to his Mark).

So, this may seem like a straight forward question. But there's actually some history here. What qualifies as making/having made an attack is poorly defined. With inconsistent wording over the years, each stage of the attack sequence (which is well defined at this point) has qualified as being the act of “making an attack.” So, while this ruling is the most logical conclusion, as you shouldn't be considered to have made an attack until an attack has been fully resolved; there is enough history that it needed to be asked.

Fantastic Four 2021 SLOP Errata

102 Invisible Woman
[E] THE UNI-POWER'S BONDING WITH YOU: Perplex. // When this power is first revealed, choose another friendly character that shares a keyword. This game, the chosen character modifies all combat values +1 and has Cosmic Energy team ability, Improved Targeting: Hindering, Destroy Blocking, Adjacent.

So, this came up a few times before the errata and it has come up at least once since the errata, so I thought it best to still address it. So, the text in red is what was added. Before that, the issue was it didn't have a duration. So, the trigger resolves and because we have no duration, it is assumed the duration is the time of the choice. So, the power needed some duration added to it.

"This game" makes the most thematic sense and is what they went with, but it could have just as easily been “this game while Invisible Woman is on the map” or something else. I point that out just to clarify that we can't assume the duration will always be “this game.” If a power has a duration, it needs to say what that duration is.

106 Silver Surfer

[E] I BURN PIECE BY PIECE: Silver Surfer starts the game with 4 Light tokens. // FREE: Remove a Light token. If you do, this turn Silver Surfer can use Pulse Wave and KNOCKBACK and, when he uses KNOCKBACK, he may place them up to 6 squares away instead of 3.

Again, missing duration. So, removing the Light Token would have given those effects until the FREE resolved. Because they added “this turn” it now works.


[E] This map is an Outdoor map, not an Indoor map.

Obvious typo is obvious. People make mistakes.

And that's all for this time.

Remember, the rules are all that separate us from the animals.


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