Nexusversary Year 2: The Announcement

Posted March 1st, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

Here we are. Nexusversary year two. Two years of this wild site and we're still not quite out of this pesky pandemic. But that didn't stop us from celebrating last year and it's not going to stop up this year.

Just like last year, we're going to be running contests and the like in specific groups on Facebook. This year, those are:

JSAClix Podcast Discussion Group

HIE Round Table

Clix Nexus

Dishin Up Clix Discussion Group


As well, there's a special offer regarding Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man. There are two ways to get your very own Spider-Man.

The first Ten new $10 Nexus Patrons will receive a FCBD Spider-Man and a pair of Clix Yule dice.

As well, anyone that messages me with proof they made a minimum $10 donation to the Hero Initiative will receive a FCBD Spider-Man and a pair of Clix Yule/Clix Nexus dice (while supplies last).

The reason I've chosen the Hero Initiative is because one of comics' very best, George Perez, is currently in very rough shape. He has sat on the Hero Initiative board for years and a close friend of mine (also a comic creator) died last year. The Hero Initiative helps people like George and my friend that have given all of us so much and created many of the characters we play with in Heroclix. So, $10 is the least any of us can do.

And just like last year, we'll be running a special month long sweepstakes. Twenty-five percent of entrants will win and get to draft from a prize pool. We'll be posting pictures of the items in the prize pool throughout the month.

Below are the ways to enter:

Be a Clix Nexus Patron

Join Heroclix Rules Chat

Like Clix Nexus on Facebook

Donate $10 to the Hero Intitiative (this can be used to also receive a FCBD Spidey)

Join Dishin Up Clix

Like JSAClix Podcast

Like HCMaps

Buy a Nexusversary Year 2 shirt

Win one of the contests throughout the month

Subscribe to the Clix Nexus Youtube Channel


You can e-mail your proof of entry to when it's done (and I can check to see if you joined/liked the appropriate groups). After 11:59 PM EST on March 31st I'll count up the entries and draw the winners.

And as a special treat, here's the first prize being added to the pool.



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