Happy April Fool's!

Posted April 1st, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio


That simple All Caps post started the legend of POWERBOMB! on October 15th, 2003. POWERBOMB! was going to upgrade the figures from all the Heroclix sets released so far and make this spirited fellow the champion of Heroclix. The thread devolved in the way that any grizzled clixman is used to. But that thread lit a few fires in Heroclix that still burn to this day.

It was the first time that someone thought to chase clout by offering “inside” information but it would not be the last. In fact, a cornerstone of the Heroclix community seems to be people competing to have the most #InnerCircle knowledge, whether they actually know anything or not.

As people with graphic design knowledge came into the community, it also planted the seed of fake spoilers. For a few years, we would regularly have some unsourced image that promised a chase theme or upcoming sculpts. Some were easy to dismiss, as eagle eyed members would recognize statues from other companies being resized and pawned off as sculpts.

And POWERBOMB! itself just became an inside joke. To reference unreleased sets, great sets, the youthful exuberance of just getting into the hobby. It's a catch all. So I couldn't let the 20th anniversary pass without something to commemorate this fun little piece of Heroclix history. And why not have some Legacy POWERBOMB! Cards. Each one has within it something that has been a long time part of the game.

First up!

An Amalgam set has been wanted since the day the game out. And deep in our hearts, we all know that Darkclaw is the ultimate Amalgam character. So a Team Up card that gives us Amalgam? A Wolverine with the Gotham City keyword? PERFECTION!

Rumors of what could or could not have been in a Spawn clix can never die. Some say Todd wanted articulation on the sculpt. Others said he wanted it to have real metal chains. Others said he just wanted it to be too over powered. No matter why we never got Spawn...this feels like the Spawn everyone thinks we would have gotten.

And of course, we have the man that started it all. The man whose true identity has been lost to the digital sands of time. Demosthenes. There was a real Demosthenes, he was a Greek politician that hated the Macedonians. And then was the username of an unknown person that gave us POWERBOMB! Why did he pick a long dead Greek politician? Who knows. But the idea of having a figure from antiquity made into a clix figure tickles me. And he seems to have the powers that some clix members to this day have.

All that being said, this was all in good fun. I hope no one felt taken in by this and if you did, sorry. It was just for laughs. If you think it was a bad joke, I hope you can forgive me a bad joke.

Big thanks to Dishin Up Clix and JSAClix for helping make this feel a little more “real.”


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