Disney+ HypeTrain: Single Figures

Posted April 20th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

HypeTrain is where I'll talk about the things I'm looking forward to in known sets. Figures, themes, objects, etc. Today's article is going to focus on the single figures I'm looking forward to playing with from Disney+.

Before we dive into the good stuff, let's have some honorable mentions for figures I'm happy for but don't qualify for the HypeTrain: #012 Batroc, #015 Jimmy Woo, #037b U.S. Agent, #054 Sakaarian Iron Man.

Now onto the good stuff!

#029 Miss Minutes 
I've been excited about this figure since we first got word she was being made. She could have been a bystander and I would have loved it. I'm a fan of goofy characters. And I'm a double fan of goofy characters that turn out to be sinister/important. So, Miss Minutes is my girl, ya'll. That she actually has a good dial is just icing on the cake.

#032 Zombie Captain America 
I've always had a soft spot for the Marvel Zombies. I picked up the original mini when it happened, I was reading Ultimate Fantastic Four when they were introduced. So, they're sentimental favorites. I'm also a Captain America fan. In fact, the only Legends figure I ever purchased was Zombie Colonel America. So this is a winner in my book. That the figure looks cool and has little fun details just makes it better. I sure would love to get more zombies down the road, though...

Double Vision #043a Vision #043b Vision
So, I grouped the boys together because I love them both for the same reasons. First, I'm a Vision guy. My favorite Avengers run is the Busiek/Perez run, where they deal with a lot of the Vision/Wonder Man/Scarlet Witch love triangle. So, I love all three of those characters. Second, Ship of Theseus. I'm a philosophy guy (anyone that's listened to me ramble on podcasts/videos should know that). So I love that Ship of Theseus was used so effectively in WandaVision and gets called out on BOTH Visions. Third, I love gimmick dials. And white Vision having an all “white” dial just tickles me.

#045 Loki 
Lokigator. Nuff said.

#056 Captain America
The one chase that I am going to have to make sure to own. I love Captain America. So I also like Falcon. I really like Anthony Mackie as the Falcon. And while I had an emotional reaction to the pretender John Walker wielding the shield, in the last episode of The Falcon and Winter Soldier when Sam Wilson flies into the building and takes out a bunch of terrorists before telling a hostage “I'm Captain America,” my reaction was “f#$k yeah, you are.” And while this dial is going to get played a lot, it's also a fine representation of that last episode.

And those are the pieces that I am really excited to play when Disney+ releases in June. What are yours?


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