Clix Carta 002: April 2022

Posted April 28th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

The first goal of this series is to simply make players aware of ruling/erratas that have been made. And beyond simply reporting what these say, I also attempt to give context when appropriate. Context to why the questions or additions of wordings are necessary. So, let's dive right in on the last month's worth.

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FIRST TURN IMMUNITY “After the Beginning of the Game phase and until each player has finished their first turn, characters have the Immune keyphrase unless they leave their starting area (which includes starting squares)."

Q: If a character is generated during a character's first turn, would that character gain Immune?

A: No. Characters generated after the "Beginning of Game" phase will not benefit from First Turn Immunity.

This is just one of those areas where what is literally written in the current Comprehensive Rule book doesn't line up with how things actually play out. It would be a simple rewrite to bring it in line, something like “At the beginning of the game, all characters gain the Immune keyphrase until they leave their starting area or both players have finished their first turn.” Changes it from a passive effect to a trigger.

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TIME DILATION: When making an attack roll Spider-Man may roll 3 dice instead of 2 and then, after any rerolls or die replacements, choose one die to ignore. // When Spider-Man is attacked, you may choose the opposing attacker rolls 3 dice instead of 2, then, after any rerolls or die replacements, choose one die to ignore.

Q: If both my opponent and I are playing these Spider-Mans, how would the effect resolve if one attacked the other?

A: The active player (more than likely the attacker) will choose which effect resolves first. The effect not chosen to resolve first will not apply as there are no longer only 2 dice being rolled. That power will resolve with no effect.

This one comes down to an “intent” ruling that makes it work. Active player gets to order simultaneous effects, we know that. That the effect can't choose to force three dice to be rolled once three dice are already being rolled is necessary for the mirror match but not implicit in the power. And it also clarifies that this is essentially an “if, then” effect. If you don't actually make three dice be rolled, you can't choose to ignore one. Which is necessary to keep the game from just locking up.

Still, probably would have been to write this effect more like Dormammu's and not use ignore...

Ooooo, and then there's the one I've been waiting for.

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XDPS 100 Magneto

LOST IN THE SAVAGE LAND WITH MY RIVAL: At the beginning of the game, roll a d6. [1-2]: An opponent chooses one of their characters of 75 points or less. [3-6]: You choose an opposing character of 75 points or less. If a character is chosen, then place Magneto and the chosen character and 3 Lost tokens on this card. // At the end of your turn, remove a Lost token from this card. When the last Lost token is removed, or if a force has no characters on the map, place Magneto and the chosen character in their starting areas (in squares of your choice).

XRF 028 Professor X

RECRUITING FOR A FUTURE THREAT: At the beginning of the game, you may replace up to 5 friendly characters with the same number of characters from your Sideline on their starting clicks. All replacement and replaced characters must have the X-Men, Shi'ar, or Illuminati keyword(s) and different names. The total points of the replacement characters can't exceed the total points of the replaced characters.

Q: Both will trigger at the beginning of the game. If I choose to replace Magneto with a character from my Sideline how does his trait resolve? If I choose to resolve his trait first, can I still replace him with a character from my Sideline?

A: For this specific interaction, if Magneto's effect resolves first then Professor X's effect will still resolve but Magneto will not be allowed to be chosen to be replaced. If Professor X's effect resolves first, then Magneto's effect will not resolve. Please note that this ruling applies specifically to this interaction to maintain the spirit of the game and is not to be applied to any other similar interaction.

This is how I ruled it at Clix Cup, it's basically how it “had” to be ruled to not be degenerative and I'm happy to get this ruling. It is a “spirit of the game” ruling, so it's specific to this interaction only but, hopefully we don't get more interactions like this in the future. And if we don't, that won't matter.

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THEMED TEAMS: In order for a starting force to become a themed team, when you reveal your force during step 1 of Game Setup, you must choose a single keyword that all characters on your starting force share. If all your characters share more than one keyword, pick only one.

Q: When playing in a tournament, can you choose different keywords during force reveal and have a different themed team per game? Can you choose to not have a themed team at all?

A: For official WizKids tournaments, the theme the player declares for their force for that tournament must be used in every game. They may not switch theme per games or declare that they do not have a theme for a specific game.

This is basically how it should always work for tournaments. Again, the rules are written from the perspective of single games. A Tournament Rules document, like we kinda used to have, would be helpful for people to understand interactions like this.

Empyre 059b Captain Mar-Vell Errata

I CAN’T JUST WATCH THEM DIE… I MUST ACT!: Once per attack, when another friendly character within range and line of fire is targeted with an attack, before the attack is made you may place Captain Mar-Vell in a square adjacent to that character and he becomes the target of the attack instead (even if he would otherwise be an illegal target).

This prevents the trait from triggering multiple times (during the same attack) and also prevents it from triggering when he's attacked. Which could lead to some infinite loop type situations.

CAA 060 Blade Errata

VAMPIRE HUNTER: Stealth, IM: Hindering; IT: Hindering. // When Blade KO's a character with the Monster or Mystical keyword, after resolutions he can use Charge as FREE. If he continues to hit a character with the Monster or Mystical keyword, he may use Charge as FREE an additional time.

This one is kinda odd. So, Vulture and Wyngarde are banned in Silver. Wyngarde got an errata for his remaining time in Modern but Vulture didn't. And yet, Blade got an errata that actually improves him. After the initial KO, as long as he keeps hitting a qualifying character, he can continue to use Charge as FREE. That's a power boost beyond what Vulture used to do, even with the qualifier limitations.

I don't really get it, but I want to make sure people are aware that's how it works.

And that's all for this time.

Remember, anything less than the rules would be uncivilized.


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