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Posted July 25th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

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Appearances in Heroclix: Deadpool
First Appearance: Deadpool #65
Team Affiliations: Agency X
Powers/Abilities: Minimal superhuman strength; Enhanced resistance to injury; Healing factor; Use of firearms and a lasso
Created by: Gail Simone

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Inez Temple, the woman that would become Outlaw, was predictably born in Texas. When she was younger, the other children would call her “Crazy Inez,” a nickname that will still outrage the adult female sharpshooter. It became problematic when Inez's mutant powers, among them super strength, manifested and she began to beat them up when they bullied her. Thankfully, her father taught her responsibility with the help of the legacy of The Outlaw Kid, one of Inez's ancestors.

When Inez was old enough, she became a mercenary and replaced her hair with a long blonde wig and had cosmetic surgery for use in the field. She encountered Deadpool a few times and flirted with him, but nothing came of it. When Alex Hayden, aka Agent X, came to New York City, Outlaw was hired as a shooting instructor for him. Shortly after meeting, they were both hired to steal the Punisher's infamous Colt .45s. It was during this mission that they began a romantic relationship in part because of their spectacular failure in stealing the Punisher's guns, which led to Castle locking them in a phone booth completely nude and unarmed. The two continued to work together until Alex announced the formation of Agency X, as Outlaw's father had taken ill and she needed to make sure he was okay.

Outlaw returned just in time to help Agency X defeat Black Swan and resume her relationship with Alex. After the events of M-Day, Outlaw went to the X-Mansion for protection as she had retained her powers. While there, she bunked with Magma and became a close friend to the fellow mutant.

During the Civil War, Outlaw remains with the 198 mutants from the X-Mansion and help protect them from an attempt on their lives from government agents. After the Civil War, T-Ray kidnaps Outlaw and Sandi Brandenberg in an attempt to draw out Deadpool. Deadpool quickly rescues the pair and reunites them with a now obese Agent X. Outlaw, along with Sandi, help Deadpool during his short stint as head of Agency X.

Outlaw has most recently been seen on the island of Utopia X.


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