PSA: Finalize/Fellowship

Posted August 22nd, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

Hey folks! So this will be a quick one today that I hope you bookmark to help you in the future. So, anyone that has done a larger event in the WIN knows that it can be a bit temperamental. Moving to single elimination seems to create a hangup where the event cannot be finalized, because the dropped players are “seated properly.” So, I know of more than one event that is just sitting there, waiting forever to be finalized.

FEAR NOT! You can now finalize events. And for those of you that love awarding Fellowship, this lets you do that, too.

So, after going through all the rounds, get to a screen that looks like this (which usually just means deleting &ROUND=Number).

Highlight what I have highlighted and replace it with “event-confirm.php” like below.

Press enter and it will take you to the confirmation page that some of us remember from when the WIN worked great. And then you just choose everything like normal and finalize.

I hope you find this helpful. Do good.


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