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Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Avengers 60th, Fantastic Four, Superior Foes of Spider-Man
First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (April 2014)  
Team Affiliations: Protectors, Web-Warriors, Agents of Atlas, Champions
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, and balance; Ability to cling to solid surfaces; Organic web generation; Long-range precognitive spider-sense; Expert hand-to-hand combatant; Eidetic memory   
Created by:  Humberto Ramos - Dan Slott

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Cindy Moon is the daughter of scientists Albert Moon Sr. and Nari Moon, as well as the sister of Albert Moon Jr. On the day that Peter Parker is bitten by the radioactive spider, it also bites Cindy. Cindy goes through a similar transformation as Peter though she develops the ability to generate organic webbing. However, she has a much harder time adjusting to these new found abilities leading to a considerable amount of distress. Ezekiel becomes aware of Cindy and approaches her family, offering to help her. Ezekiel and his ally Tamara Pearson spend six years training Cindy to control her powers before locking her inside a facility to protect her from Morlun and his family, the Inheritors.

After the Watcher is killed, Spider-Man is exposed to energy from the Watcher's eye and sees a vision of Cindy from the day he got his powers. Peter searches her out and eventually finds the facility where she has been for all these years. Cindy attacks Peter, convinced that he has doomed them all. Peter is able to calm Cindy down long enough to tell her that Morlun is dead. Cindy makes herself a costume out of her webbing and tells Peter to call her Silk before making her just outside the facility to see New York City before her.

Cindy soon learns that her family has long since moved, which breaks her heart. She and Peter also realize that their spider-sense is linked, which causes a strange attraction between them. This plays out when an angry Cindy attacks Peter, after learning that Morlun may still be alive, only for the two to end up kissing. The pair face Black Cat and Electro with Silk saving Peter from being unmasked on live TV. Silk spins up Peter some insulated webbing to protect him from Electro's blasts and the pair fight with Black Cat as Parker Industries works to cure Electro. After the usual super powered chaos, Black Cat is no where to be found and Electro has been successfully depowered. Cindy manages to get hired at the Fact Channel and intends to use its resources to find her family.

Cindy is among those spider-heroes recruited in the war against the Inheritors against the wishes of Old Man Spider. After Daemos attacks the Spiders and is defeated, Superior Spider-Man, aka Doctor Octopus in Peter's body, blames Silk and suggests the heroes kill her. Another Inheritor attack follows and Silk takes a portal device along with Spider-Woman and Spider-Man Noir to try and distract the Inheritors by jumping between dimensions. She finds an Earrth safe from the Inheritors due to it being a nuclear wasteland, as the Inheritors are especially weak against radiation. She is eventually captured by the Inheritors, as she is the “Bride Totem,” of the three totems necessary for the Inheritors' plan. The Spider-Army is able to rescue her and defeat the Inheritors, allowing Cindy to return home.

Once home, Cindy moves back into the bunker built by Ezekiel and continues fighting crime while searching for her family. She is surprised that very few records exist of her family and tries finding out any information in her old neighborhood. She has a few confrontations with a villain named Dragonclaw and Black Cat. Peter also becomes concerned and is worried something is happening with her powers, referring her to the Fantastic Four. In the end, she is simply dealing with anxiety and begins seeing a therapist.

Due to the intervention of J. Jonah Jameson, Cindy is able to find her brother on the last day before the incursion that leads to the creation of Battleworld. As the world seems to be ending, Cindy grabs him tightly and tells him that she loves him.

After the return of the multiverse, Cindy goes to war with the Goblin Nation. Her brother has been infused with Goblin Formula and has no memory of their parents. She has also found a way to work with Black Cat. Before long, the situation becomes more complicated as the Cindy Moon from Spider-Gwen's Earth travels to Earth 616 in an attempt to steal tech for war mongering. Cindy-65 uses nanobots to turn off Silk's powers and frames her, convincing even Cindy's SHIELD handler Mockingbird that Cindy has gone over to the “dark side.” Black Cat saves Cindy and Cindy decides to stay with Black Cat in hopes of learning more about her criminal organization. Cindy ends up taking the remains of the Super-Adaptoid to the Fantastic Four. Reed is able to transform the robot into a shape shifting armor that Cindy uses to battle her doppelganger. After returning home, Black Cat learns that Cindy has been working with SHIELD, and the two come to blows.

Cindy is rescued by a hero calling himself “Spectro,” who is really her dead ex-boyfriend. Hector had died while Cindy was training in her bunker due to a neighbor summoning a demon. This interaction left Hector's spirit stranded on Earth, though he is able to manifest a physical form during combat.

Two of Cindy's colleagues at Fact Channel, Rafferty and Lola, learn of her dual identity. She confides her history in them and the three grow closer. They discover a portal to the Negative Zone and meet a medieval European style dragon named David. David explains the coming war of the Red Knight versus the Ash King and Cindy is soon drafted into another war. After the battle is won, the Red Knight is revealed to be Cindy's mother, Nari.

Nari explains that she came her with Albert, Cindy's father, in search of a substance that they believed could cure Cindy. They believe that if they cure their daughter, she will no longer be targeted by the Inheritors. Nari, Cindy and her friends travel to free Albert and the group leave the Negative Zone together. Once back on Earth, Mockingbird sets the family up with a new home so that they can reconnect once again. Secretly, Albert has the blue substance they were searching for and takes it to Fang, Tamara Pearson, an enemy of Silk's.

Cindy's relationship with her family is strained after so many years apart. As such, when New U Technologies in San Francisco needs to be investigated, Cindy jumps at the opportunity. Cindy investigates in a new Silk costume and is confronted by a resurrected Mattie Franklin. Cindy escapes the facility but is brought back by J. Jonah Jameson in her civilian identity. Mattie tells Cindy she knows she is Silk and confides that she is suspicious of behavioral “glitches” that some of the clones are showing. When Cindy and Mattie see Hector in a new body, an alarm goes off. The Carrion Virus is unleashed via the clones. Spider-Man is forced to release a counter signal to stop the infection which reduces both Mattie and Jameson's wife Marla to dust.

Cindy returns home and quits her job, enlisting with SHIELD. She finds out about her father's secret dealings and confronts him about it. This leads to a confrontation with Fang, who has been lying to Albert. Fang claims she wants to cure Cindy, but instead she wants to steal Cindy's powers. Hector helps Silk defeat Fang and the family is able to start healing from their long estrangement.

Due to a chance encounter following a fundraiser in Queens, Silk joins Amadeus Cho, Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Jimmy Woo and SHIELD agent Jake Oh to form the Protectors. They fight and defeat an alien prince. Silk joins with Miles Morales to help Spider-Man in his fight against Norman Osborne with the Carnage symbiote, calling himself the Red Goblin.

Jimmy Woo invites the Protectors to join the Agents of Atlas just as Malekith invades Earth. Cindy stays with the heroes in Seoul to fight against Queen Sindr and the fire goblins. Following Malekith's defeat, Silk continues with the Agents of Atlas as they clean up the remaining monsters on Earth. They then come into conflict with Mike Nguyen, who is attempting to forge a new super-city known as “Pan.” Mike repeatedly tries to recruit the team as “Protectors of Pan,” but they are not interested. During their investigation, they find a dragon that is imprisoned and having its scales harvested to power the portals that make Pan work. This dragon is from Atlantis, which brings the ire of Namor.

Namor demands the save return of the dragon or face the wrath of Atlantis. Though the dragon is returned safely, it immediately attacks Atlantis. Atlantean scientists discover that there is an implant causing the dragon's aggression and Namor attacks Pan for this deception. Over the course of a few battles it is revealed that dragons have served as advisors to humans for thousands of years and used humans to fight proxy wars. Mr. Lao is the dragon that has worked for Atlas and with Jimmy Woo for years. Mike Nguyen tries to convince Woo and Namor that they could unite and overthrow the other dragons. When Namor refuses, Nguyen uses a Sirena implant to transform Brawn into a raging Hulk. Namor and Brawn-Hulk battle on a deserted island and though Brawn is freed from the mind control, the shockwaves from the battle generate a tsunami that threatens the Heart of Pan. Silk spends this time helping to save civilians while Brawn and Namor are able to push most of the tsunami back.

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