Madrox: How to Field Him?

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Madrox: How to Field Him?

Postby RobEng » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:00 pm

Does anyone have any experience or ideas of how to field Madrox? The powers look like fun but it is going all in on Shape Change and the creation of dupes. The point costs are in the range of heavy hitters but he doesn't seem like a heavy hitter unless you get in close and are lucky enough to overwhelm with the Empower. swarm That could be big but one outwit (ESD) and Energy Explosion could really limit the party. 300 and 400 point starting dials are a lot of points and the 100 dial might be too short to give the full flavor of his powers. So I am thinking of shooting for the 200.

He has a wealth of generic keywords and plenty of X-men/X-Factor to build around for theme teams. At a first pass I was thinking of a 400 point X-men theme with UXM 003 Storm (cheap taxi for Madrox, free smoke cloud, and perplex), WCR 105 Archangel (hit-n-run attacks behind Madrox or while he ties up), and a 50 point Cyclops for leadership to help get the most out of dupes (who are not autonomous). Alternatively I was thinking about building around Madrox and Con Ex Earth X Captain America with the mega-leadership in the hope of maximizing the dupes

Feedback is welcomed.
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