WNY Gaming in Hamburg, Ny

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WNY Gaming in Hamburg, Ny

Postby Stoney716 » Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:46 pm

I'll try to do my best to update this thread with the goings-on's at WNY Gaming (140 Pine St Hamburg, NY 14075).

for now I will say that we do events every Sunday at 1pm, the minimum entry fee is $5 which covers OP kit prizes and the maximum is typically $30 for 2-booster sealed with corresponding prizing from whatever set is being released.

We also host Wizkids Opens and ROC tournaments (including the NY state championship). WKO's and the NY state championship are usually scheduled for Saturdays while ROC Win-a-Maps (WAM's) still fall on our regularly scheduled Sundays.

all information for events and venue details can be found on both the WIN and the store's FB page. There is also a Buffalo Heroclix FB group where event details, upcoming set details, new/current rulings and just general heroclix discussion can be found.
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ROC NY State Championship

Postby Stoney716 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:07 am

less than a month away, the ROC NY state championship will be held on Sunday, September 6th.

format: 300pt Modern Age
entry: $25
prizing: in addition to x4 copies of the exclusive states map ("Apothetos Temple") there is a full chase & prime set from both DC's Rebirth set and Marvel's Earth X set that players will draft from

for more information and registration visit the WIN link:
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East Coast's first Majestix event!

Postby Stoney716 » Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:16 am

that's right: the East Coast's first Majestix event will be taking place at WNY Gaming on Sunday, September 13th!

format: 300pt Bronze Age
(this is a specialized format exclusive to Majestix that is essentially Golden Age limited to "oreo" based Heroclix up to modern age with it's own ban list and curated map list. see more details on fb or the WIN)

entry: $10
prizing: 1st place will take home a copy of the Majestix "Agent's Lobby" map
Majestix dice, Majestix tokens and available LE's will be prized-out as well

for registration and more information go to
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