Known Issues

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Known Issues

Postby JoePanc » Tue Apr 05, 2022 10:17 pm

The purpose of this topic is to keep track of known issues that require further clarification from Wizkids. Each time something is addressed, the link will be added to this for a time. If there is no link, we still don't have an answer. For the ease of time, I will add in italics an explanation of the issue (if it is not easily evident).

5.13.22 Update

Disney+ PAC/XoS PAC
Currently missing Autonomous, Giant Reach, Great Size, MAX, Immobile, and Immune. These abilities all still exist but they are not easily found.

8.25.22 Update

Do Heavy Objects Hinder Line of Fire?
No where in the current rule books or PACs (XoS/D+) does it say that Heavy Objects hinder line of fire. Is this simply an oversight like the missing abilities? Or a change?

Can you generate Barrier on terrain markers?
Barrier can now be generated on water and hindering terrain. However, the rule of occupancy still states that nothing can occupy a square of blocking terrain except debris markers (to prevent something like generating Smoke Cloud on Blocking to make it temporary hindering without destroying it). But the rules also say that only the topmost terrain marker in a square matters, meaning that technically nothing would occupy a square of Barrier. We are waiting for clarification.

8.29.22 Update

Does XoS #061 Saturnyne's Damage Power affect rolls made by players and not characters?
OMNIVERSAL MAJESTRIX Leadership, Perplex. // Once per turn, you may reroll a die rolled by a character within range (including one die of an attack roll).

TURN ALL OF HUMANITY INTO APES ...When Grodd uses Perplex targeting an opposing character, you may have both players roll a d6. If your result is higher, give the target character a Devolution token. ...

Best advice (pending WIN answer): Pure intent ruling that we need a WIN ruling for. The wording isn't technically compatible.
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Re: Known Issues

Postby JoePanc » Thu Aug 25, 2022 3:13 pm

Answered Issues (Keeping these here just in case people want to see the reasonings and/or want to easily find the answers)

8.25.22 Update

FuFo009 Thing Robot
REMOTE-CONTROLLED GAMING FUN! Friendly Sidekicks have: "POWER: Choose one that hasn't been chosen this turn, Move Thing Robot (up to its speed value) -or- Thing Robot makes a close attack."

As written, the power can only check against each Sidekick. So you could do 4 moves.
It seems evident the intent was 1 and 1 (per Robot). But it's been over a year without an errata or ruling to clarify this.


Friendly Sidekicks have: "POWER: Choose a friendly character named Thing Robot and one effect that hasn't been chosen for that Thing Robot this turn: Move Thing Robot (up to it's speed value) -or- Thing Robot makes a close attack."

WoR062 Spider-Man
TIME DILATION When making an attack roll Spider-Man may roll 3 dice instead of 2 and then, after any rerolls or die replacements, choose one die to ignore. // When Spider-Man is attacked, you may choose the opposing attacker rolls 3 dice instead of 2, then, after any rerolls or die replacements, choose one die to ignore.

So, the first part of the trait triggers when an attack roll is to be made. The second part triggers when Spider-Man is 'attacked". "Attacked" has never been properly defined and has been ruled to trigger in different places during the attack sequence based on context. And the timing of the defensive trigger is what matters here.

There are basically 2 options; A ) The defensive part triggers after targeting has been determined, or B ) They are simultaneous.

Beyond that, there's the further issue of the actual number of dice being rolled/ignored. Neither effect is dependent on only 2 dice being rolled, so as written, they don't "cancel" each other out. Technically, both trigger and tell you to roll a fixed number of dice (3), and then both effects individually tell you to ignore 1 die from the roll. Unfortunately, that means the finalized attack roll consists of a single die, which isn't something that should be able to happen.
TL;DR, it's currently a mess with no logical, rules-based answer, and we need an official ruling, preferably along with errata, to make it function properly.

Imo, I'd rule that the effects should be triggered simultaneously, therefore the active player chooses the order they are applied, and that the effects should each be contingent on only 2 dice being rolled, meaning that only 1 of the 2 effects can ever be in play for a given attack.

ANSWERED: ... 1bf2fd2898

The active player (more than likely the attacker) will choose which effect resolves first. The effect not chosen to resolve first will not apply as there are no longer only 2 dice being rolled. That power will resolve with no effect.

XDP 100 Magneto
LOST IN THE SAVAGE LAND WITH MY RIVAL At the beginning of the game, roll a d6. [1-2]: An opponent chooses one of their characters of 75 points or less. [3-6]: You choose an opposing character of 75 points or less. If a character is chosen, then place Magneto and the chosen character and 3 Lost tokens on this card. // At the end of your turn, remove a Lost token from this card. When the last Lost token is removed, or if a force has no characters on the map, place Magneto and the chosen character in their starting areas (in squares of your choice).

Comp 15.3a "If, before the character was removed from the map, it activated or triggered an effect with a delayed resolution or trigger, the effect will still resolve. For example, if a character activated the standard power Barrier and then is removed from the map, the markers will remain and be removed at the beginning of your next turn."

This rule was originally codified because of the Bat-Belt. For a while, you could land on the Bat-Belt power you wanted, become a pilot (be removed from the map) and not have to roll. This could create a big problem and so, this rule was codified in the Comp.

So, Magneto's End of Turn effect, as written, still has to resolve. It's a delayed trigger. Additionally, simply Ruling as Written, if you resolve Magneto's BoG effect you would still choose an opposing character and place it on his card. Meaning you could, theoretically, deprive your opponent of a character for 3 turns while you still get to use all of yours.

Magneto wouldn't come off the Sideline (because his effect doesn't explicitly say he does) but even if he did, that would then actually give you an extra piece.

ANSWERED: ... 1bf2fd2898

For this specific interaction, if Magneto's effect resolves first then Professor X's effect will still resolve but Magneto will not be allowed to be chosen to be replaced. If Professor X's effect resolves first, then Magneto's effect will not resolve. Please note that this ruling applies specifically to this interaction to maintain the spirit of the game and is not to be applied to any other similar interaction.
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