Frequently Asked Rules Questions

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Frequently Asked Rules Questions

Postby JoePanc » Sat Jan 07, 2023 3:27 pm

This thread will act as a repository for Frequently Asked Rules Questions.

Many of these questions are asked in the Heroclix Rules Chat Facebook Group.

If you have a question that you think belongs here, feel free to reach out and we'll see about adding it.

Q: Can you take an action to Unequip equipment?

A: No. 25.2d in the Comprehensive Rulebook covers the situations in which equipment is unequipped. There is no inherent action to "Unequip."

Q: Can I use probability control after a dice replacement effect?

A: No. All reroll effects must be used before die replacement effects. 21.3 and 21.4 in the Comprehensive Rulebook covers this.

Q: Can non-standard characters be equipped?

A: Yes. There is no longer a limitation for only standard characters to be equipped. Only standard characters can be assigned equipment during force construction.

Q: Do constructs (from 2021 forward) count as bystanders?

A: Constructs from WW80, BTU and any future sets ARE bystanders. CR 24.1 defines what a bystander is.

Q: What is a "displayed" power?

A: It means it must be showing on the character (or other game element's) dial. A "displayed special power" must be a white box on the dial. A "displayed standard power" must be a colored square (or circle for WWE) on the dial. Powers granted by traits, equipment, resources, relics, etc. never count as displayed for the character they are equipped/assigned to.

Q: Are generated characters/objects added to your Sideline?

A: Only if the effect that generates them says to "generate from your Sideline." If the effect only says to "generate" the element, the element comes from outside the game.

Q: Can I use a custom sculpt?

A: The Wizkids tournament rules have this to say.

Custom/Modified Game Element Sculpts: Players may not use custom or modified sculpts for their game elements. All game element sculpts must be their original sculpts and must be the correct sculpt for their combat dial. Players may use custom action tokens and custom items for generated game elements (markers, bystanders, etc.). The tournament staff may, at their discretion, forbid custom action tokens or items that are potentially offensive or excessively confusing.

Custom Painted Game Element Sculpts: Players may custom paint their game element sculpts and use them in tournaments without needing an opponent’s approval. This includes the painting of pre-painted sculpts and unpainted sculpts. The tournament staff may, at their discretion, forbid custom paints that are potentially offensive or excessively confusing.

Game Element Cards: Players are required to bring and use the original cards for all of their game elements. Proxy cards will not be allowed. If a card becomes damaged beyond use or is missing (when playing in a sealed event), at the discretion of the judge and the tournament staff, a replacement card may be used (if available) or the player may use a printed version of the card provided by the tournament staff.

These are the rules for Wizkids Official tournaments. Assume these are the rules for any tournament you will go to. If you would like to play a custom sculpt, reach out to the judge/tournament organizer of the event you are going to. They may allow them.

Best practice is to assume they won't and ask if they will.

XSOP207 Saturnyne
Once per turn, you may increase or decrease an attack total by 1.

Can you reroll the attack/use a die replacement/does it turn the attack roll into a Critical Miss/Hit?

A: No. Saturnyne's power applies to the attack total. The attack total is the result of adding a character's finalized attack value to their attack roll. By the time her power triggers, it is past the attack roll sequence. 12.2 in the Comprehensive Rule Book (and it's sub listings) explain this in detail.

Q: Some of the Iconix have a purple rarity? Does that mean they're purple ring promos?

A: No. Rarity does not equal "rings." Unique/Prime are ring identifiers, they're not rarities. Iconix is also more of an indigo than purple.

All of that is to say: no, Iconix are fully tournament legal. They are not purple ring figures.
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