Rotation and why this is good for the game…

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Rotation and why this is good for the game…

Postby AresEdge » Sat Aug 19, 2023 6:58 pm

Yes you read that title right this rotation is great for the game and I’m going to give you a few reasons why!

1- We can finally rotate out some of the most dominant figures in the Meta.
- You’re going to say “Ares they don’t all need to be rotated out they just need to be “fixed” and then you can keep them in. NO! First off they don’t need to be fixed in the meta right now and to be quite honest they don’t need to be fixed period. Scarab keeps getting yelled about yet not being played. Sky tyrant is still be played sparingly but is still viable. Commissioner is just a solid ass figure. Sakaarian iron man and Scarlet witch are the major players in the meta scene and the Clowk. Are they broke? NO! Do they need to go yes! Now will they need to be looked at for silver…maybe but silver has issues of its own that need to be addressed, like making people actually play with silver pieces and not just playing modern with a splash. IMO they need to make adjustments to here half or maybe even 3/4 of the build need to be silver. Also it would be worth playing around with the build totals as well. Maybe silver becomes 400 and 250 points have to be silver…again that’s a whole other conversation. A bigger rotation is welcomed by a lot of players right now because a big shake up is needed so modern doesn’t continue to go down the path of staleness.

2- Rotation didn’t mention Galactus!
- Is this a thing to look to the future with?!? Will we finally get a solid answer from Wizkids about the premium figures they put out and we will get an extended life out of this higher price tag?!? I sure hope so. For a player like myself that really enjoys seeing wizkids out the time into make “premium” style figures. But for us to shell out the cash for them I really want them to give me as much time playing with these figures. With them expanding upon premium figures like Galactus with the new additions of classic MEME CLIX like pointing Spider-Man , sad boi Wolverine, Orphan Slap fight Batman family Iconix Knightfall, upcoming KONG, I feel it’s not too much to ask for more time with these in modern. ( what other colossals would you want to see made that are the same size as Galactus, personally I’m still waiting for a Mogo living planet GL member ). In that same thought wizkids if you’re going to do more BIG G sized figures can we make it easier on the players and make it so they can come off the base for transport purposes and allow them to be playable with just having the base present maybe?

3- Shows that Wizkids is actively looking and scouting at what’s being played, and making sure that people are getting at the bare minimum 2 worlds appearances.
- Now does this mean every set is only getting two bites at the apple and then they are done? No it doesn’t mean that at all. As you can see WW80 is on its third worlds appearance at the moment I believe. But they also took COVID into consideration when making decisions in the past. But it also shows, with this new rotation schedule, that yes some sets might have the misfortune of being cut a little too early but it won’t be without it having 2 shots at worlds appearances. Wizkids has been criticized in the past for having their National championship, then rotating out sets and having their worlds. People didn’t like this as they felt they didn’t have enough time to prep for a new Meta and coming in feeling fully confident in it their team and what is out there. The last world championship I know I felt that way when I put a team together, I didn’t feel super comfortable with my team and was honestly caught off guard with others teams. But then again I BLOOOWWWW at this game so take it for what it’s worth. So with the set rotation every year being after worlds people can prepare for worlds appropriately.

With that being said there has been some big uproar about Italian Nationals and the rotation happening right before it. There’s a simple solution to this, the tournament organizers can easily just ignore the rotation and tell their players to build with what was legal for worlds and then acknowledge the rotation afterwards. No one is telling them THEY HAVE to impose the rotation on their player base if they feel it’s unfair. The flexibility has always been there stores and judges to make things easier and more convenient for their players AS LONG AS THEY COMMUNICATE THIS TO THEM. It’s as simple as that.

I honestly am perfectly fine with saying goodbye to the darkhold and the rest of those jerks from modern and welcome in the competitive scene led by the Scooby doo gang!

As always I’m one half of your favorite podcast the Inner Circle Jerx- Ares Edge

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