Wizkids Release Schedule: 2024

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Wizkids Release Schedule: 2024

Postby JoePanc » Tue Aug 08, 2023 12:16 am

I'm going to try and keep this up to date through the year. As ever, dates are subject to Wizkids.

Sets in Blue have been released.

Updated: 6.23.24

-Cry For Blood Monthly OP Kit (1.10.24)

-Gotham VIllains Monthly OP Kit
-Wizkids Heroclix Iconix: Sherlock Holmes Price: 39.99 (Tentative Date: 2.14.24)
-Iconix: Harely Quinn Roses for Red Price: 24.99 Tentative Date: 2.7.24

-Iconix: Colossal Kong (Tentative Date: 3.6.24)
-Marvel Studios Next Phase Set, Chase Booster, Play at Home Kit (She-Hulk), and Release Day OP Kit (She-Hulk)
Tentative Date: 3.20.24 (Images on Facebook)
-Next Phase Hawkeye/She-Hulk PIzza Party and Booster OP Kit Tentative Date: 3.27.24
-Young Justice Monthly OP Kit Tentative Date: 3.13.24

-DC Heroclix Iconix: Peacemaker On the Wings of Eagly Price: 49.99 Tentative Date: 4.3.24
-Avengers Hellfire Gala 2 Price: 69.99
Tentative Date: 4.24.24 (Images on Facebook)

-DC Heroclix Iconix: Peacemaker Project Butterfly Price: 34.99 Tentative Date: 5.1.24

-X-Men High Rollers Monthly OP (Wolverine, Multiple Man, Kitty Pryde, 8 Multiple Man dice)
-Iconix: Wakanda Hulkbuster Price: 19.99 Tentative Date: 6.12
-Marvel Heroclix Iconix: First Appearance Wolverine Price: 24.99 Tentative Date: 6.5
-Weapon X Heist Pack (Deadpool/Hit Monkey) MSRP: 19.99 Tentative Date: 6.?.24 (Images on Facebook)
-Weapon X Jeff's Pizza Party Tentative Date: 6.?.24 (Images on Facebook)
-Deadpool Weapon X Set, Chase Booster, Play at Home Kit (Deadpool&Wolverine), and Release Day OP Kit (Wolvie)
Tentative Date: 6.26.24 (Images on Facebook)

-Masters of Time (Super Booster Brick, Play at Home Kit, Release Day OP Kit) Tentative Date: 7.?.24 Images on Facebook

-Marvel 2025 Starter MSRP: 39.99
-DC 2025 Starter MSRP: 39.99
-Bag O' Wolvies (incentive for Marvel starters)
-Bag O' Joker Goons (Incentive for DC starters)
-Black Panther Set, Chase Booster, Play at Home Kits, and Release Day OP Kit
Tentative Date: 8.?.24 (Images on Facebook)
-Marvel Heroclix Iconix: First Appearance Avengers Price: 54.99 Tentative Date: 8.?.24

-Dungeons and Dragons Iconix: Eye of the Beholder MSRP: 24.99 Tentative Date: 9.25

-X-Men Hellfire Gala 2 Price: 69.99
Tentative Date: 10.?.24 (Images on Facebook)
-DC Heroclix Iconix: Superman Up, Up, and Away Price: 19.99 Tentative Date: 10.9
-Marvel Heroclix Iconix: Captain America from Ice Price: 24.99 Tentative Date: 10.23
-Warner Bros. Iconix: Beetlejuice Tentative Date: 10.?.24(Images on Facebook)
-DC Wild West OP Kit (Old West Superman, Batman, Cinnamon and Wonder Woman Legacy) Tentative Date (For use in October): 9.?.24([https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1167469601288349&type=3]Images on Facebook[/url])

- Marvel Heroclix Iconix: First Appearance Spider-Man MSRP: 24.99 (Images on Facebook)
-Dungeons and Dragons Iconix: Den of the Displacer Beast (Images on Facebook)
-DC Heroclix Iconix: Trigon and Raven Tentative Date: 11.?.24(Images on Facebook)
-DC Mr. Freeze Snowglobe Figure Tentative Date: 11.?.24([https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1167469974621645&type=3]Images on Facebook[/url])
-DC Heroclix Iconix: Batcave Vol. 1
-Collector's Trove Tentative Date: 11.?.24(Images on Facebook)

- Wizkids Heroclix Iconix: Heroclix for the Holidays Vol. 1
-Dungeons and Dragons Iconix: Cave of the Owlbears Tentative Date: 12.?.24(Images on Facebook)
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