Qualifying Names and Full Names

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Qualifying Names and Full Names

Postby Woodford55 » Thu Jun 08, 2023 8:20 pm

So now that objects can be added for free because of a qualifying name or keyword I wanted to know what extent the name qualified for. I understand you can put the Pumpkin Bombs on any Green/ Hob Goblin and that is it because it has no keywords. But with the black symbiote can it go on Venom Rouge or Venom Cyclops for free? I know it can go on Venom Thanos for free because of the qualifying keyword but symbiote keyword didn’t exist until SMBA :x . The billy clubs pose the same question, I know they can go on Daredevil but can they go on Daredevil, Agent of SHEILD? I know some shops have a “house rule” codex == symbiote but others don’t.

If so how far would you be willing to take it as a “house rule”? Could you put the pumpkin bombs on the Red Goblin, Iron Goblin, or Norman Osborn for free? What about Putting the red or black symbiote on anything that should have the symbiote keyword but doesn’t?
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Re: Qualifying Names and Full Names

Postby JoePanc » Fri Jun 09, 2023 8:13 pm

Disclaimer: I don't like house rules that change mechanics. In my opinion, it becomes exclusionary and can make it harder for new players to play at a venue or existing players to play at other venues (whether because they move, are just on a trip, etc.). So, I'm personally against house ruling keywords.

Names have to match exactly. So, qualifying name of Venom can only go on Venom. It can't go on Venom Rogue, Venom Magneto, etc. Same with Daredevil and the Billy Clubs.

The one thing to remember is that titles can be abbreviated. So if we ever got an equipment with the qualifying name of Dr. Strange, Doctor Strange would still qualify.
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