Mental Health Connecticut Charity Event

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Mental Health Connecticut Charity Event

Postby JoePanc » Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:26 pm

Dishin Up Clix - Heroclix Podcast/Youtube Discussion Group proudly presents...
Mental Health Connecticut Charity Event ( minimum $15 donation entry )
Play begins the weekend of August 8th
Payments made via PayPal please they can go to
1. All players will be placed into Pods Of 4. We will do our best not to put team mates in the same pods.
2. All builds will be submitted to Aaron Constantine Morgan or Ares Edge for review. All Builds are due one week before the event starts. The format is 300 Modern. YOU MUST SUBMIT A PICTURE OF YOUR TEAM
3. You will have around a week to get all 3 of your Pod Play matches done.
4. When scheduling these matches, please make sure to agree on a date, time, and have a third party observer designated. (Observers must agree to to match watch when you are sceduling your matches.)
DO NOT wait until the day of your event to find an observer.
5. The observer will randomly select a time between 50 and 60 minutes for the game to be played.
6. Top 2 winners of each pod will advance to the single elimination round. Win/Loss Record will be determined. Points will be the tie breaker.
Can’t play in the tournament, but still want to contribute and donation and be involved?? You’re in below
1. This is a charity event and we want to have fun. So for each "POD PLAY MATCH ONLY" you may find a sponsor for each match up!
2. This will only be for POD PLAY. Once single elimination hits, sponsoring is over.
3. That sponsor can donate up to 5 dollars per match. This will grant them 5 probability controls to be used at any time during the match.
4. That sponsor has to be present at the time of the match in the chat and must pre pay ahead of time.
5. YOU CAN NOT sponsor a player to sabotage that players match.
6. Each player may only have 1 sponsor max per match.
7. Helping hand probs can only be used on missed attack rolls and breakaway rolls. Critical misses can always be a re-roll with helping hand probs no matter what game effect is in play.
(Note this is only in effect for a critical miss other game mechanics can keep you from re-rolling a 3 or 4 still).
* Example:
I have 3 pod matches.
Match 1 - Matt Donham is my sponsor and donates 5 dollars which grants him 5 probs for that match.
Match 2 - Kenji is my sponsor and donates 3 dollars which grants him 3 probs for the match.
Match 3 - Matty G is my sponsor and donates 4 dollars granting him 4 probs for the match.
* Top 20 players will receive 2 Majestix dice 2 Majestix Tokens 1 Majestix Deck Box
* The rest of the prizing will be drafted from 1st place down until all prizing is gone.
* Additional prizes , as of now, include a Jeremiah Peterson custom tray, a set of custom tokens/bystanders by Critical Hit Customs , 5 neoprene Majestix maps ( Flood, Tron, Temple of Doom, Hoth, Matrix)
JUST ADDED Howard Brock and Lucky Dice Cafe Heroclix will be adding the next NEW quarterly map into the prize pool
ADDED 6/26 Jason Herschkowitz is tossing in a pair of custom Stan Stralkowski Judge Dredd dice in honor of Bill Barrett ( rest easy friend )
If you would like to donate to the prizing pool please reach out to Ares Edge or Aaron Constantine Morgan

The event sign-up is live! Entry cut off is July 31st and ALL builds must be submitted on August 1st. we will update the website with donations and player's names as we get closer. Please include your win name on your email so I can add you to the win page event.
Donations can be submitted here
Builds and questions can be sent here.

For more details and up to the date info, head over Dishin Up Clix on Facebook.
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Re: Mental Health Connecticut Charity Event

Postby AresEdge » Thu Nov 05, 2020 12:44 am

Thank you so much for the shout out and posting this here! With everyones help we were able to raise 1,105!
Just looking to set up a time with Mental Health Connecticut to drop off the check.

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