Team Bases are a special kind of character that represents a team of charcters that are known for working together. Team Bases are a large base that multiple switchclix characters can be attached to (as listed on the Team Base/individual character cards). Team Bases have a number of combat abilities unique to them as outlined below.


POWER: Remove any team member from the team base and insert it into its SwitchClix base. This character is placed adjacent to the team base and starts on its first click with a click number color that matches the team base's current click number color.


-If removing a team member would mean that the total point value of removed team members exceeds the point value of the team, then this POWER cannot be given.

-When a removed character has multiple starting lines, its point value is considered to be the first printed starting line other than an orange starting line preceding the click it enters the game on. Its starting line for all game effects is the actual click it enters the game on.

-A character on a Solo Adventure follows all rules for Replacement Characters, except for action tokens.

-A character on a Solo Adventure cannot use Split or Merge.


When counting characters for a themed team do not count the team base as a character, instead each team member counts as a character. If the team is part of a themed team, instead of normal themed team initiative bonuses, it grants a +1 bonus to the initiative roll for every 100 points or, fraction thereof, of its point value. At the beginning of the game when a teambase is part of a themed team, choose: Themed Team Probability can be used normally -or- it can’t be used and the team can use Probability Control this game.


POWER: Give this character one action as FREE for every 200 points or fraction thereof of its point value. These actions can be used for any action but you may only give the character up to 1 MOVE, 1 POWER, 1 RANGE, and 1 CLOSE. Any number of these actions can be used to make a close or range attack. After each action resolves, modify this character's damage value by -1, minimum 1.


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