KRAKOAN REVIVAL For all characters with this trait, when a friendly standard character with the X-Men keyword and a lower point value would be KO'd by an opposing effect, you may instead choose to turn that character to its starting click (this game) and place them adjacent to a friendly character that can use this trait. If you do, your opponent scores that character and generates a bystander on this card (of their choice) adjacent to any of their characters. Your opponent then scores 10 points for every bystander they generated this game via this trait, regardless of source.

Characters in House of X with Krakoan Revival 

 #020 Marvel Girl
 #027 Emma Frost
 #031 Mr. Sinister
 #039 Storm
 #042 Professor X
 #044 Magneto (90 Points Only)
 #055 Kate Pryde
 #056 Nightcrawler
 #068  (70 Points Only)
#003 Marvel Girl

Characters in X-Men: Rise and Fall with Krakoan Revival

 #034 Sebastian Shaw
 #039 Exodus
 #060 Mystique


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