Title Characters

Title characters have a trait indicating that they are Title Characters and are the ‘lead’ characters of the story told during the game. They have special advantages and drawbacks as your force is in disarray after they are KO’d.

Title characters start the game with and can accumulate tokens (called "Plot Points") on their card. They have special Plot abilities that are actions (most commonly FREE actions) that can add or remove Plot Points:  (Add Plot Points) and  (Use Up Plot Points). You can only activate one Plot ability a turn.

When you activate a  Plot ability, give the Title Character that many Plot Points. You can't activate a  Plot ability unless you are able to remove that many Plot Points.

Title Characters also have Continuity trait abilities: 
Continuity abilities have "Protected: Pulse Wave."

You may only have one Title Character on your starting force and Title characters can't replace or be replaced by other characters.

When a Title Character activates a Plot ability, at the end of your turn, if it didn't attack an opposing character, deal it 1 unavoidable damage.    

Further Information from the Comprehensive Rule Book:

Title Characters have Plot abilities (indicated by the and symbols) and Continuity abilities (indicated by the symbol) which are all trait abilities.

Rules for Title characters:
  • Title characters specify how many (if any) Plot Points they begin the game with.
  • Players may only have one title character between their starting force and starting Sideline.


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