Once per roll for each die in a finalized attack roll and for all characters with a matching RALLY die and trait color printed under their trait star, after resolutions you may choose a friendly character to gain a matching RALLY die. RALLY trait colors specify which attack type they can gain RALLY dies from.
BLUE = Friendly Attack Rolls.
RED = Opposing Attack Rolls.
GREEN = All Attack Rolls.
When a character gains a RALLY die, place a die with the matching result on their card.

Relevant Rulings:



These questions are being added based on how often we see them in the community. They are not rulings, they are not from the WIN (those are above). These are just common misconceptions we think we can help people solve.


Does a character with the Rally trait need to be involed in the attack to gain the die?
No. Any character on your force with the appropriate trait can gain a die from a finalized attack roll. 

If I replace a die in an attack, can a character gain a Rally die from it?
Yes. Rally only checks to see if a die was in a finalized attack roll. It doesn't care how it got there.

What happens if a character with Rally die on their card is KO'd?
Those die are removed from the game.

If a Rally trait has a standard power not connected to the die, do you need a Rally die to use it?
No. If a Rally trait says "Outwit." that character just has traited Outwit. If that trait said, "Remove a Rally die to use Outwit," then you would need a Rally die.



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