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Posted December 9th, 2020 by Joe Pangrazio

Welcome one and all to Clix Nexus' first official Heroclix previews. While this is a big milestone for us, we're not going to belabor the point too much. Let's get onto the good stuff!

Let's begin with a team up card for our dear old friend Havok. As you can see, this team up works with other members of the Summers clan.While it may be obvious that Havok would work better with members of his family, it actually goes a little deeper than that. After the establishment of Krakoa as a sovereign nation, some mutants have pushed the limits of where they can live. To that end, the Summers clan have established a living quarters near the Blue Area of the Moon with Krakoa just a gate away. Havok, Jean, Cyclops, Rachel, Cable and Vulcan all have their own rooms. Wolverine does as well, but let's not talk about him right now.

Summer House Diagram
Summer House Layout

Corsair is on that card because he's Havok and Cyke's father, of course, but also because X-Men #1 (Havok's significant appearance) features the Starjammers showing up at Summer House for a good old fashioned barbecue. Cyclops even gave Corsair a Krakoa seed so the Starjammer can have a portal back to the moon whenever the old pirate wants to be close to family. Speaking of the Starjammers....

When you play Christopher Summers with his loyal crew all gain access to that crucial power Willpower, as long as one of the Starjammers is on the map. To represent the tough as nails attitude the space pirates have to have to survive on the run. If 3+ are on the map, their displayed Defense powers gain Protected: Outwit. So while their Willpower will still be susceptible, Corsair's Energy Shield/Deflection or Combat Reflexes won't.

Corsair's trait also shows how lucky he's had to be to survive decades in space without ending up on the executioner's block. Unlike his sons, there's no magic Five to resurrect Corsair or his crew if they meet an untimely end.

One of the fiercest Starjammers and Corsair's lover (or “girlfriend” as the young time displaced Cyclops called her), Hepzibah owes Corsair a life debt from before their romance. On the Shi'ar prison planet where the Starjammers all met, Corsair made sure to rescue Hepzibah from a most brutal and horrifying execution. This heroism was enough for her to swear a life bond to him, which led the pair of them on a terrifying escape. Through the years Hepzibah has remained at Corsair's side and defended him and the other Starjammers with her life. She's no simple meek cat girl, but a brave warrior that has faced the likes of Carol Danvers, the Imperial Guard, Wonder Man and the Vision. After the apparent death of Corsair, Hepzibah is separated from the Starjammers and spends several years with the X-Men on Earth.

And then there's poor Raza. A master swordsman that was humiliated by Magik after the New Mutants stowed away on the Starjammer. Sunspot was determined to go to Chandilar and recruit his old friend Cannonball who is serving as a member of the Imperial Guard. And when Roberto found out that Corsair and crew were visiting Cyclops on the moon, it was pretty easy to hop through one gate and sneak onboard. Once discovered, Roberto and Corsair decided to entertain themselves by pitting their two fiercest swashbucklers against each other with Kentucky Bourbon on the line. After Raza broke Magik's nose, the skilled mutant showed no mercy and ended the battle by cutting off his cybernetic arm.

Thankfully for you, Magik isn't in the set, so Raza stands a chance against some of the other foes he may face.

Of course, we saved the best for last.

Hey! My name's on that card! That's right, after winning the 2018 Team World Championship in Philly, me and my pals decided to bring a never before clixed character to the game. And while I could go on and on about the weirdest X-Men of them all, you folks have already read enough of my blathering. Why don't we hear from my teammates, the Shellraisers.

Devin Owens

When we won Team Worlds in 2018 we hadn’t yet discussed who we were going to design. The first time I had met either of my teammates was on the day of team worlds and we did not expect to win. Once we won we discussed many options, but eventually chose Maggott for two reasons. The first is that he’s an interesting character who is unclixed and seemed unlikely to ever be made naturally by Wizkids since he isn’t very popular and doesn’t have a large presence in modern X-Men comics (Although he has made a few appearances since we chose him, in Age of X-Man). The second, and probably most important to our decision, is that his powers give him a very clear mechanical identity. On the final figure we can see how we implemented his power set:

  1. His digestive system is made up of two maggots that can eat through anything: It’s kinda gross...//...but it’s how I live: This pair of traits allow him to create bystanders that represent his digestive slugs and pick them up to represent him reabsorbing them. 

  2. His slugs eat for him, when they do he becomes stronger: My digestion is… Weird: When one of his slugs hits an opponent they gain a food token that is transferred to him when he reabsorbs it. These tokens either heal him or give him Charge and more stats to represent him gaining strength and powers from nutrition brought in from his slugs.

  3. We used a number of standard powers to represent smaller parts of his power set and round out the figure mechanically

Most of these mechanics we had a general idea of within 10 minutes of discussion because Maggot’s power set is so unique that it was easy to create a mechanically unique figure based on the character. I really like the final result and I think that Wizkids did a great job putting the final touches on the figure and getting it released.


***Unfortunatley Sparky's messenger squirrel was distracted by several nuts along the way and his message was lost in transit.***

House of X is going to showing up at your Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop on December 30th. So, if you're as excited about these figures as we are, make sure to give them a shout and let them know to set some aside for you. And if you don't know if there is a Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop near you that carries Heroclix, you can use Wizkids' handy dandy tool right here. And if there isn't one open around you, you can also order through Wizkids' online store here. Or you can use Wizkids' Amazon store, if you really want.

Thanks again for reading and thanks to Wizkids for the excellent previews. And for the opportunity to bring an unclixed character to life.


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