Welcome to the #InnerCircle. This page will commemorate those great Heroclix players that have signed up at our Patreon and how long they have been patrons. If you would like your name to link to a site or would like to be removed from the Inner Circle, feel free to contact me.

Boredom Is My Middle Name
Oct '20
(Founding Patron)

Dana J
Nov '20

Brandon O
Dec '20
Tony C
Dec '20
Dec '20
(World Champ)
Matthew G
Dec '20
Mike M
Dec '20

Nick P
Dec '20

Mark G
Dec '20
Ricky K
Dec '20
March '21
Jeff B
June '21
July '21
Justin H
Oct '21
Zeph B
Nov '21
Matt R
Dec '21 
Dan W
Dec '21
Tim R
Dec '21
David N
March '22 
Edison L
March '22
Robert E
March '22



Thanks to friend of the site Justin Hafford, we also offer some really awesome Heroclix accessories that you can print with your very own 3D printer. You need to be a patron to view and download them, but if you are you can look through them all right here.

Below we will honor those who have return to the #OuterCircle. They may no longer support the site monetarily, but their contributions will forever be recognized.

Jonathan M
Sept '20 - Sept '21 (OG Patron) 
Aaron L
Oct '20 - April '21 (Founding Patron) 
Jose F
Dec '20 - June '21 
Dan H
Dec '20 - Sept. '21 (Shellraiser) 
Luke T
Dec '20 - April '21 
Steven B
Dec '20 - April '21 
John D
Dec '20 - April '21 
Bryan S
March '21-June '21 
Vince G
March '21 - May '21 (Positive Dude) 
Travis Y
March '21 
 Robert E
Aug '21 - Oct. '21
 Dustin B
May '21 - March '22
March '22
Joe E
March '22 - April '22 


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