Welcome to the #InnerCircle.

That little joke has taken on a life of its own in the years since Clix Nexus launched. And as we've grown, we've heard the feedback. There are quite a few people that would love to support the page but don't like Patreon. So now, the #InnerCircle is changing.

Patreon will still be an important part of the site, but we're expanding into a more value for value model. In order to keep the site ad free and do more to grow the community of this great game we all love, we're also allowing one time donations.

But we're not going to just take your money and run. All donations will be tracked and new rewards will be unlocked at certain tiers. These tiers can also be achieved via Patreon donation, so use whatever means you prefer. All support means the world to the site and makes the long hours feel worth it.

All donation services can always be found via our 


    Life Time Tier         Reward    
$100 Inner Circle Hall of Fame/
Official Certificate 
 $200 Free T-Shirt 
 $300 Innerest Circle Pin 
 $500 Custom Heroclix Tray 


You can make one time donations via Credit or Debit Card thanks to Paypal

You can unlock additional rewards on Patreon

Clix Nexus 
You can also send direct donations via Venmo

Donate Here 
Of course, if you think Venmo money isn't real, you can also give via Square Checkout.

Donate Here 

Another important feature is that if you give via any of the one time options, you can earmark that donation for a specific project. To see current project goals, head over to our Patreon post.   

If you would like your name to link to a site or would like to be removed from the Inner Circle Hall of Fame, feel free to contact me.

Boredom Is My Middle Name
(Founding Patron)

Dana J
Nov '20

Brandon O
Tony C
Dec '20
(World Champ)
Matthew G
Dec '20
Mike M

Nick P

  Ricky K
March '21
Jeff B
July '21
Zeph B
Nov '21
Matt R
Dec '21 
Tim R
David N
March '22 
Edison L
March '22
Robert E
March '22
Nicolas D
June '22
Steve O
July '22
Sebastian S
July '22
Tyler M
July '22 

Sept '22 
Sept '22
Basement Buddy
Matt H
Sept '22  
 Justin H
Dan H

Thanks to friend of the site Justin Hafford, we also offer some really awesome Heroclix accessories that you can print with your very own 3D printer. You can preview all the goodies you can get by heading over this Patreon Post.



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