HeroClix 2021 Rules 3 – Less is More

Posted February 2nd, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

As always, we encourage you to read the article for yourself (especially on this one, where they go in depth on explaining exactly why they made these changes) over at the official site.


But. For those that just want the down and dirty:

  • Leap/Climb is now a passive power that grants 
    • They promise changes to Hindering and break away, which is why they are not part of Leap/Climb anymore
  • Telekinesis can now only reposition friendly characters and (all) objects. No more TK attacks or repositioning opposing characters.
  • Ranged and Close Combat Expert are both passive powers (ie, are always on) that modify attack and damage by +1. No more choice.
  • Perplex can no longer choose to modify damage.

They also reiterated that older versions of these powers (mostly TK in this article) may see special versions that incorporate old features.


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