Sandbox Tournaments Announcement

Posted July 14th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Sandbox Tournaments is delighted to announce our first event. The online format is something you may be used to, but the prizing is something new, designed to allow for prizing for everyone.

Signing up: Create an account at

Build Format: This event will be a 300 Modern Age build. Forces need to be submitted to

Tournament Format: Players will be seated in pods of up to 16 people. If we have less than 8 players altogether, the event will be canceled. Each pod will receive prizing as follows:

Top Prize (for each pod of 16): Brainiac/Lex Luthor

Second place: 2 random LEs plus 4 boosters of Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary

3rd-4th: 1 random LE plus 2 boosters of WW80
5th-8th: 1 random LE plus 1 booster of WW80
9th-16th: 1 booster of WW80

Cost: Participating in the tournament is $20.99, and there is a Paypal link available once you sign up. Placing in an event will assign these prizes to you. Prize shipping (which is US-only at this time) is handled separately and has a cost as well. However, you can play in multiple events (we are starting monthly but hope to increase that before too long) and save up your prizes for a single shipment. If you win 10 or more boosters, if we still have sealed bricks, we will ship full bricks.

For planning purposes, shipping would be $5.00 with $1 added for each event you are combining (so if you played in 3 events, the total cost to ship would be $7).

Online Tools: Discord and Roll20 will both be used for each event, links will be available to registered players on the event page.


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