Heroclix20: Top 5 Sets as Voted on by YOU

Posted May 18th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

Through the use of the most scientific of methods, Facebook polls, I have collected data on what Heroclix consumers consider the best Heroclix sets of ALL TIME (...or the first 20 years). Before we count down the top 5 sets, let's see what performed best in each category.

Top 5 Marvel:
Spider-Man/Venom: Absolute Carnage
Mighty Thor
Wolverine and the X-Men
X-Men Animated Dark Phoenix Saga
Avengers: Black Panther and the Illuminati

Top 5 DC:
War of Light
Justice League Unlimited
Batman The Animated Series
Justice League: Trinity War

Top 5 Indy:
TMNT (Set 1)
Pacific Rim
Street Fighter

And from those fifteen sets, the best five were chosen. So let's begin.

Number 5

Justice League Unlimited

I know some people are critical of this set making a Top Five of the first 20 years list, but I feel they're missing a key component of what makes people love Heroclix so much. The licenses. JLU is a great set but what makes people like it so much is their connection to the source material. People love the JLU cartoon and the Timmverse in general. So when this set was released, people were excited for it. And while Batman the Animated Series is as beloved, this also appeals to non-Batman DC fans.

Yes. They exist.

Number 4

The Mighty Thor

The Mighty Thor is one of my favorite sets, so excuse my bias. It was a bit of a perfect storm. It was a super booster set that pulled in lots of characters from a legendary run while also including characters from a recent (at the time) popular run. Add in equipment, meta shaping colossals and enough chases to choke a horse and you have a great Heroclix set.

Number 3

X-Men Animated Series: The Dark Phoenix Saga

This set does not stick as close to the source material as JLU. But. It has X-Men. And it has the kind of super boosters that many people were asking to get for years. A 2x2 figure and four other single base figures, all in one beautiful booster. The sculpts range from okay to amazing, but there isn't really a bad one in the bunch. One of the strongest pieces is a rare (Dark Phoenix) and it gave us great versions of characters we don't get a lot, like Mojo or the #InnerCircle. It is a really fun set with a very popular team.

Number 2

War of Light

I'll be honest. I'm incredibly surprised this isn't number one. While the way this set was released seems to have been the breaking point of many local communities, the actual set is incredibly popular to this day. Heroclix consumers love Lanterns. They love rings. They love constructs. It makes sense that this is the most popular DC set but I absolutely am gob smacked that it's not the most popular set overall.

That honor goes to...

Number 1

Spider-Man/Venom: Absolute Carnage

I can only guess at what lifted this set up. A big part of it is definitely that people love Venom and the symbiotes in general. The original character chases are honestly probably a big appeal. But I also think the fact that this was released in the summer of 2020 and was out of reach of a lot of people makes it far more attractive and feel special. What we can't have is always so much more attractive than what is attainable.

And that's it, folks. I still have more plans for fun celebrating these first twenty years of Heroclix, so keep an eye on this site and the Nexus Facebook page for more.

Do good.


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