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Posted June 13th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

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Appearances in Heroclix: The Flash
First Appearance: The Authority #13
Team Affiliations: The Authority, Stormwatch
Powers/Abilities: A unique bond to the Earth of the 21st century; Quantum Reality Manipulation; Peak health until the end of the 21st century
Created By: Warren Ellis · Bryan Hitch · Mark Millar · Frank Quitely

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Jenny Quantum is the first century baby of the 21st century, born on January 1, 2000. Unlike other known century babies, she seems to be the actual reincarnation of her predecessor Jenny Sparks (the spirit of the 20th century. She was immediately kidnapped upon birth by a group of terrorists hoping to shape the 21st century to their liking. The Authority rescued her and she was adopted by Apollo and Midnighter after their marriage. Perhaps because of his unique relationship with Sparks, Midnighter seems to be closer to young Jenny.

The Authority later learns that Jenny had a twin that was abducted by Chinese federal agents. They immersed the young girl in an assassination program and named her Jenny Fractal after she demonstrated unique powers, namely the ability to open tears in reality itself.

Fractal was able to convince the Authority that she was Quantum's biological mother and make her way onto the Carrier. She managed to distract the team and kill the young Quantum, attempting to become the sole spirit of the 21st century. Luckily, the Doctor managed to transfer Quantum's spirit into a metaphysical realm with all the spirits of past Doctors. The Authority were able to travel back in time and Midnighter killed Fractal as an infant, eliminating the threat and leaving Quantum as the sole inheritor of Jenny Sparks.

When Henry Bendix, who had been traveling the Bleed since before Stormwatch disbanded, returned to destroy the Authority, Jenny was put in a predicament. The young girl needed to save her family but lacked the power or experience. Channeling her powers, she managed to speak to her future self and realize what she needed to do. And with four words, “time to grow up,” Jenny Quantum aged herself and became a fully empowered teenager. After defeating Bendix with her new-found power, she also took up smoking (like her predecessor), which Midnighter did not approve of. This Jenny also eventually takes the role of leader back from Hawksmoor, who had inherited the role from Jenny Sparks.

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