Who the Clix? Special: Tarot

Posted October 12th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

By popular request, here's every Tarot card with the characters that appear on it. And some explanation, if it seems worth it.

Major Arcana

The Fool – Young Cable
The Magician – Rasputin (Mutant Chimera from a divergent timeline)
The High Priestess - Storm
The Empress - Lilandra
The Emperor – Vulcan (long lost Summers brother)
The Hierophant - Legion
The Lovers – Apocalypse and Genesis (Apocalypse's wife)
The Chariot – Blackbird jet
Strength – Summoner, Wolverine
The Hermit – X-Man (Nate Grey)
Wheel of Fortune – Captain Britain Corps members
Justice – Blindfold
The Hanged Man – Beast, Apocalypse, Havok
Death - Storm
Temperance – Angel/Archangel
The Devil – Cardinal (Mutant Chimera from a divergent timeline)
The Tower – Nimrod the Lesser's tower
The Star - Dazzler
The Moon – Dani Moonstar
The Sun – Phoenix, Young Cable
Judgment – Summoner and Apocalypse at the gate to Arakko
The World – Storm terraforming Mars into a new Arakko (this one is a little abstract, but based on some other story elements on the Tarot, I'm pretty sure this what it's supposed to be. The pyramids probably represent them "slingshotting" Arakko through the Eternal Gate. To learn more, read Planet Size X-Men)


Ace of Wands – I have no idea. This is so abstract that it could actually represent a few characters. Possibly Black Tom Cassidy (as he's on two other Tarot and has a shillelagh).
Two of Wands – Emma Frost with Xavier's Cerebro helmet
Three of Wands – Black Tom Cassidy
Four of Wands – War, Death, Pestilence and Famine (Apocalypse's children)
Five of Wands – The Five: Hope Summers, Egg, Proteus, Tempus, Elixir
Six of Wands - Nanny
Seven of Wands - Wolverine
Eight of Wands - Warlock
Nine of Wands - Wolverine
Ten of Wands - Doop
Page of Wands - Magik
Knight of Wands – Jubilee and Shogo
Queen of Wands – Kate Pryde
King of Wands - Magneto


Ace of Cups - Apocalypse
Two of Cups – Cypher and Bei the Blood Moon
Three of Cups - Cuckoos
Four of Cups - Mystique
Five of Cups - Magneto
Six of Cups - Cosmar (new mutant rescued in New Mutants) and No-Girl (Martha)
Seven of Cups – Nimrod the Lesser
Eight of Cups – Genesis/Annihilation
Nine of Cups – Mad Jim Jaspers
Ten of Cups – War, Death, Pestilence and Famine (Apocalypse's children)
Page of Cups – Wolverine and Storm
Knight of Cups – Valkyrie Dani Moonstar
Queen of Cups – Betsy Braddock
King of Cups – Xavier with Cerebro helmet


Ace of Swords – The Keep (Space Station Over Mars/Planet Arrakko)
Two of Swords - Blindfold
Three of Swords – Wolverine, Solem, War
Four of Swords - Gorgon
Five of Swords – The White Sword
Six of Swords – Manifold, Siryn, Banshee
Seven of Swords - Longshot
Eight of Swords - Wolverine
Nine of Swords – Betsy Braddock Captain Britain
Ten of Swords – Young Cable, Apocalypse, Wolverine, Magik, Captain Britain (Betsy)
Page of Swords - Magik
Knight of Swords - Captain Britain (Betsy)
Queen of Swords - Storm
King of Swords - Broo


Ace of Pentacles – The Treehouse (X-Men HQ in Manhattan)
Two of Pentacles - Spiral
Three of Pentacles – Legion, Xorn, Xorn
Four of Pentacles - Angel
Five of Pentacles – Synch, X-23
Six of Pentacles – Synch, Archangel, X-23
Seven of Pentacles – Black Tom Cassidy
Eight of Pentacles - Forge
Nine of Pentacles – Kate Pryde
Ten of Pentacles – Gladiator, Jubilee, Shogo
Page of Pentacles - Egg
Knight of Pentacles – Captain Britain (Betsy)
Queen of Pentacles - Mystique
King of Pentacles - Moira X


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