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Posted November 18th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Batman Team-Up
First Appearance: Far Sector #1 (January 2020)
Team Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps
Powers/Abilities:  Green Lantern Power Ring; Virus code in her DNA that translates language
Created by:
  N. K. Jemisin - Jamal Campbell

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Sojourner Mullein is born and raised in New York City. Her parents are hard working people that eventually divorce. Young “Jo” is near Ground Zero after the attacks that destroy the World Trade Centers and vows to dedicate her life to making a difference. Already a good student, Jo graduates high school as her class valedictorian, joins the army and tries college for a few semesters.

Her drive to make a positive impact draws her to joining the NYPD. Unfortunately, that ends in disaster when she witnesses her partner beat a suspect nearly to death. Before she is able to turn him into Internal Affairs, she is tagged in a “Black Lives Matter” social media post and subsequently fired. Distraught and drowning her sorrows in a bar, a Guardian approaches her with a new kind of Power Ring and a challenge:

“One year to make a difference.”

Her first mission takes her to the City Enduring, a home built to give refuge to three warring alien races after they destroy their two planet system. To keep they peace, their entire populate uses a drug called Emotion Exploit or EE to keep their emotions in check. Jo is exempted from the drug so that she can act effectively as a protector. Soon after her arrival, the City Enduring has its first murder in five hundred years.

Jo and the Peace Division quickly find a suspect but this suspect is killed before she can be interrogated. In the midst of this unrest, a protest against EE turns into a riot when the Peace Division opens fire on the crowd. Through detective work, Jo learns this was all planned by the wife of the first victim who blames EE for rendering her husband's killer unable to process her emotions in a healthy way.

Further digging reveals that this is part of a broader conspiracy to attract the attention of the Green Lanterns and “reveal their fascist roots.” It also involves the manufacture of another drug that counteracts EE. The machinations lead to an attempted military coup that Jo is able to stop and a move to wean the populace off of EE.

After the formation of the United Planets, all Green Lanterns are summoned to Oa. The Guardians explain that they have agreed to scale back Green Lantern operations and that Lanterns of defunct sectors will be given new jobs and responsibilities. Out of nowhwere, the Central Power Battery explodes. Jo arrives to find the carnage and is able to get a message out to other Green Lanterns thanks to her prototype power ring. She recruits Teen Lantern, whose gauntlet doesn't need the power battery, and Simon Baz, who has other tech devices, to find out who is responsible.

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