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Posted February 10th, 2023 by Joe Pangrazio

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Appearances in Heroclix:  X of Swords SOP, X of Swords
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 5) #12 (September, 2020)
Team Affiliations: Arakko, Amenth
Powers/Abilities:  Chlorokinesis (telepathic control of plant life); Extended life span; Master sword combatant
Created by:
  Jonathan Hickman - Pepe Larraz - Leinil Francis Yu

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Thousands of years ago, Apocalypse and Genesis meet in the mutant nation of Okkara. The two are wed after a courtship and rule over the prosperous land while giving birth to four children that eventually become the original Four Horsemen. This continues for years until Daemons from the nation of Amenth attack Okkara.

Genesis lead the mutants into battle and appears to be winning until Annihilation, the dark elder god of Amenth, offers Genesis a peace treaty. Upon learning the terms of the treat, Genesis refuses and the war rages on. A cruel turning point occurs when Isca, sister to Genesis and a mutant with the power to never lose, betrays the mutants and joins the Amenthi forces.

Genesis and Apocalypse decide to make a grave bargain. Using powerful magic Okarra is split in half to stem the invasion. The half named Arakko is sealed off into the Amenth dimension along with all of its mutant inhabitants while Apocalypse is left on Earth to forge a mutant nation strong enough to defeat Annihilation's forces. This plan works for millennia as the Arakko mutants forge a new nation and life for themselves. Eventually, a prophet warned of the fall of Arakko, which Genesis set out to prove false.

She leads a war party on an incursion deep into Amenth territory, deeper than ever before. Their victories became the stuff of legend until they find the White Sword who is thought long dead. Instead, he has been repelling Daemon invasions for years with the constant battle and solitude driving him mad. When Genesis arrives, White Sword attacks her forces, believing them to be yet another wave of Daemons. This is Genesis' first and most brutal defeat.

Upon Genesis' return, she finds her sister waiting at the gates with an invitation to parlay from Annihilation. Genesis accepts the invitation and is angered by what she discovers. Annihilation has been holding back, taking time to breed Daemon mutant hybrids for a full offensive. Annihilation offers peace again but Genesis refuses, attacking the enemy commander. Genesis is ultimately able to succeed, cutting the helm of Annihilation from the enemy's head. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost.

Annihilation IS the helm. But it needs a host body to control the Daemon horde. Without one, the Daemons will simply run rampant over as much of reality as they can, killing and devouring anything in their way. For a hundred years, the Daemon horde attacks Arakko while Annihilation tempts Genesis. It is not until the mutants open a gateway to Otherworld that Genesis relents. Hoping Apocalypse has prepared their home, Genesis dons the helm in hopes of being able to channel Annihilation's power. She ultimately fails, however, and the invasion of Otherworld begins.

Annihilation is able to unify Arakko and Amenth now and begins the invasion plans. While the unified forces attack Dryador in Otherworld, she sends her grandson Summoner to Krakoa. Summoner's role is to contact Apocalypse and trick the elder mutant into opening a portal between Otherworld and Earth. This plan succeeds with Apocalypse coming face to face with his children and nearly dying from the reunion. Saturnyne, ruler of Otherworld, is able to force a cease fire and offers to host a tournament that will decide the fate of Arakko and Krakoa while also (hopefully) sparing most of Otherworld.

Before the official beginning of the tournament, Annihilation allows Genesis to meet and speak with Apocalypse without its influence. This is done to show Apocalypse how hopeless the whole endeavor is and end the tournament before it begins, as Genesis tells Apocalypse what happened during the exile. Apocalypse remains undeterred, however, and the tournament proceeds.

Ultimately, the tournament comes down to the final battle between Apocalypse and Annihilation. Apocalypse seems to win the battle but refuses to kill his wife, giving Annihilation just long enough to summon the entire Daemon horde in defiance of the tournament. In the ensuing chaos, Apocalypse is able to wrest the helm of Annihilation from Genesis. With the secret of the helm gifted to him by Genesis, Apocalypse is able to defeat it. The helm grows stronger the more one fights it, so instead of fighting it, Apocalypse acknowledges he is weaker than his wife and surrenders. This renders the helm powerless while also allowing Apocalypse to act as the leader of the Amenthi forces, surrendering to Krakoa.

Saturnyne reforges the helm into a staff, which weakens its influence and gifts the new weapon to Genesis. To maintain the peace, Saturnyne also enforces a prisoner exchange between the nations in good faith. Genesis chooses her husband while Apocalypse, again free to act as Krakoan representative, chooses the very island of Arakko itself. Allowing the Arakki mutants to return to their home planet, Genesis returns to Amenth with her husband and children.

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