HypeTrain: Top 5 HeroGlo Sculpts from Wheels of Vengeance

Posted December 29th, 2023 by Joe Pangrazio

Today we're going to do a Top 5 list. And today is, in my opinion, the top 5 HeroGloooooo figures from Wheels of Vengeance! A general note, I'm possibly excited more than the average player simply because I love when we get bases that are different colors. So HeroGlo just has my attention for giving us orange bases.

No. 5 – #046 Headless Horseman 

This one snuck in for me because of the sculpt. Pictures cannot properly convey how cool the fire off of the skull looks in person. Plus it's the Headless Horseman. I've loved this legend since I was a kid. And for an undead Hessian soldier to have one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs on his card? It just adds up to a package I'm a big fan of.

No. 4 - #008 Fire Demon 

So, Fire Demon didn't beat out Headless Horseman just because I've always loved the Hammer of Thor. Nor because I absolutely loved the Mighty Thor Surtur. It's the detail on the glow in the dark paint job that makes it a beautiful piece. So, first off the eyes glow bigger than they look in natural light, which gives a very cool effect. But the big part, for me, is that the body glows like a crackling fire. It's not just a solid glow all over, it is actually layered in a way that looks really cool. And gives it a visual texture that regular paint can't achieve.

No. 3 - #028 Zarathos 

I've been excited for Zarathos since he was first revealed. And the sculpt has the, in my opinion, superior blue glow in the dark plastic as well as red. For whatever reason, that blue just takes a charge so much better and glows so much brighter. Which is why Zarathos is at number three and number one got its spot.

No. 2 - #050 Ghost Surfer 

This is another figure that earned its spot almost entirely because of its sculpt. The flame trail/wave is gorgeous as well as light. Robbie Reyes hanging out on a silver surfboard is just a hilarious visual. And I guess the dial is pretty good. But that much glow in the dark in that design is a very cool piece.

And finally...

No. 1 - #040 Ghost Panther 2099 
I have a soft spot for the 2099 stuff. As well, this sculpt is pretty cool on its own as chainsaw hands are always groovy. But the blue glow in the dark plastic just makes this pop. I've posted pictures where it the plastic is charged in a fully lit room and the camera still picked up the glow. That is incredible to me. And just makes it look so much cooler. I pulled the figure at a pre-release and was a little surprised at how quickly I fell in love with it.

Well, that's my Top Five HeroGlo figures from Wheels of Vengeance. Agree? Disagree? Let me know.


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