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Posted February 23rd, 2024 by Joe Pangrazio

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Hellfire Gala, X of Swords, X-Men Xavier's School
First Appearance: X-Men #36 (September 1994) 
Team Affiliations: X-Men, Generation X
Powers/Abilities: Ability to duplicate superpowered beings' powers; Mastery of any powers duplicated; Metabolize bio-energy signatures; Sense and track superpowered beings   
Created by:  Scott Lobdell - Chris Bachalo

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Everett Thomas is born in St. Louis, Missouri but does not come to the attention of the X-Men until the Phalanx attack. Synch instinctively copied Banshee's powers when the Irish hero is nearby and uses them to defend himself from the Phalanx. Soon, Emma Frost, Sabretooth, Banshee, and Jubilee all arrive and are able to repel the Phalanx together. Synch helps the elder mutants rescue other young mutants and soon they all relocate to the Massachusetts Academy where they are trained under the hero team name of Generation X.

Synch continues to have adventures typical of the mutants in and around the Xavier Institute. He has budding romances with several female teammates. Unfortunately, he loses his life while saving a number of human students from a bomb planted by Emma Frost's evil sister, Adrienne.

Synch's story seems to end there with a brief resurrection via the Transmode Virus by Selene.

Until the founding of Krakoa.

Synch is one of the earliest mutants resurrected by the Five and is happily returned to so many of his friends. Synch, Darwin and Wolverine (Laura) are soon chosen for a covert mission into the Vault because of the unique overlap in their abilities. Time inside the Vault moves differently, meaning that the three mutants spend hundreds of years inside it while months pass in the real world. Synch and Laura develop a relationship during their centuries together but unfortunately all of that is lost at the completion of the mission. Synch is the only one able to resume contact with Xavier before the team is compromised and so his resurrected form is the only one that retains the memories of their time there.

Synch and Laura are both recruited to the new X-Men team during the first Hellfire Gala and relocate from Krakoa to a techno-organic treehouse in Central Park, New York City. This team deals with the usual threats that all super hero teams do: threats from the High Evolutionary, attacks by MODOK and threats from intergalactic criminals. Synch also struggles with his feelings for Laura but ultimately decides that he cannot force her to remember something that simply never happened to her.

Forge eventually journeys to the Vault in an attempt to rescue Darwin. However, he finds an aged Laura instead, as she had somehow survived the final assault. She is soon reunited with Synch, fully returning his feelings and joining the X-Men along with her love. This elder Laura begins to call herself Talon to avoid confusion with her younger self.

During the third Hellfire Gala, Synch and Talon are elected to remain on the X-Men alongside Juggernaut, Frenzy and Jubilee. This celebration is cut short by an attack by Orchis as all the X-Men except for Juggernaut, Synch and Talon are killed by Nimrod. Synch and Talon reform their X-Men without much support from Krakoa, as most mutants have been killed, banished from the Earth or are on other teams for protection. This new team includes Ms. Marvel, Kate Pryde, Rasputin IV and acts in the old Morlock tunnels with help from Spider-Man, Firestar, Emma Frost and Iron Man. This X-Men's mission is simple: revenge on Orchis.

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