Tarot Rules 

(Text in red is not official rules, but experienced advice or reminders) 

During force construction:
Each player may build a Tarot deck of 5-12 cards, following these rules:


  • Tarot Cards are Unique
  • The deck must include at least one Tarot Card of each suit (Pentacles, Swords, Cups, Wands) and a Major Arcana Card.
    • Major Arcana Cards are labeled with Roman Numerals. The suits are named on the cards (ie, King of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, etc.)
  • The deck cannot include more than two cards of the same suit or more than four Major Arcana cards.


At the beginning of the game: A player shuffles their Tarot deck and place it facedown near their play area. It is good etiquette to offer and allow your opponent to cut your deck. Cutting a deck means taking a top number of cards and placing them under the remaining deck. 

Playing Tarot Cards: At the beginning of each turn, before resolving any other game effects, if the active player has a Tarot deck, they draw a Tarot Card from their deck and put it into play faceup according to these rules:


  • When a Tarot card is put into play, its effect becomes active. If the effect is a trigger, the active player resolves the effect first.
  • Only the topmost faceup card is active/in play. If a player already has an active Tarot Card when drawing, place the drawn card on top of the previous Tarot Card and that previous card leaves play. Resolve any effects that occur when a card leaves play before effects of the newly drawn card.
  • If a player draws a Tarot Card with the same name as another player's active Tarot Card, they place the drawn card on the bottom of their Tarot Deck and draw a new Tarot Card instead.
    • If this happens with the last card in the deck, simply reshuffle and draw the top card instead.
  • When a player would draw a Tarot Card but has no cards left in their Tarot Deck, they reshuffle all of their Tarot Cards to form a new Tarot Deck, then draw a card from that deck.

Link to official Wizkids Tarot Deck rules doc



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