Clix Yule 21 Day #12: It's Fantastic

Posted January 1st, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

So, for those of you just joining us, Clix Yule is a twelve day celebration I do at the end of the year. It is meant to be in the vein of Clixmas, which I hope Dishin Up Clix will be doing this year. Last year, it was twelve days of giveaways, with the winners being chosen from those that sign up for the Clix Nexus Patreon.

This year will have some of that. And I will mark those days appropriately, with the drawings being made in January.

Day 1 - CampaignClix
Day 2 - STL Files
Day 3 - Show Off Your Collection
Day 4 - Dice Cup Giveaway
Day 5 - A Clix Yule Reading of the Rules
Day 6 - X-Men/Blackbird
Day 7 - Wonder Women
Day 8 - Flappy Bois 4 Life
Day 9 - The Ultimate Warriors
Day 10 - Cons of Clix Yule Past
Day 11 - 3D Stuff!

Time for another day of entries for the overall Sweepstakes. Today is one choice if you are one of the Ciix Yule winners.


Yes. You get the Grand Prize Dr. Doom, Prize Thing, and EVERY. SINGLE. CARD. Team-Up and Legacy. Oh, and you get a copy of the map included in the Tourney Kit (reprint of Death's Realm/Blue Area of the Moon). Plus you'll get a pair of Clix Yule 21 dice. So you know what to do. Get on over to Patreon 

Happy New Year everybody. Happy Clix Yule. 


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