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Posted October 28th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

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Appearances in Heroclix: X of Swords, Deadpool and X-Force
First Appearance:   X-Terminators #1 (June, 1988) 
Team Affiliations: S.W.O.R.D.
Powers/Abilities: Technokinesis: Taki has the ability to psionically technoform and rearrange parts of machinery into various forms and functions of his specifications.;  Technological Intuition: Taki has a psionic aptitude for seeing how components can work together as a machine or technological implement, which helps guide his technokinesis ability.
Created by: Louise Simonson - Jon Bogdanove 

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Takeshi Matsuya is involved in a terrible accident at a young age that costs his parents their lives as well as the young boy the use of his legs. He is so young that he resents his parents for abandoning him which makes socializing at the Saint Simon's Academy all the more difficult. Due to this isolation and his savant like intelligence for computers and engineering, Taki spends most of his time creating small electronic devices. This leads the fantastic discovery of his mutant powers when he is able to create devices that defy basic mechanical engineering principles. Soon after this, he happens to meet and befriend Artie and Leech, who are at the Academy to receive a proper education.

Demons from Limbo abduct the three young boys and take them to N'astirh. The demon intends to use the mutant children in a complicated spell that will increase his power as well as bind Limbo to Earth forever. N'astirh is displeased when he learns the boys are too old for the spell and orders them killed. Wiz-kid desperately shows his ability to technoform in hopes of saving their lives and suceeds, with N'astirh ordering him to build a super computer to magnify the demon's power. With it, N'astirh is strong enough to open a portal that allows many more demons to spill onto Earth. Confronted by the horror of what he had done, Taki helps X-Factor to close the portal and is injured for his troubles. Luckily, he makes a full recovery.

Taki and his new friends have several more adventures while at the Academy, including joyriding in a “flying saucer” of Taki's design. Some years later, after the Decimation, Taki breaks into SHIELD's database to list himself as “depowered,” in hopes of being left alone. He is eventually recruited to the Avengers Academy and chooses not to live on Utopia. Though he does not agree with all the actions of those that operate the Avengers Academy, he remains there rather than joining any of the mutant schools.

After Abigail Brand forms The Six as a sub-team of SWORD, Wiz-kid is recruited to work aboard the Peak. He assists the “All New X-Terminators” in building a weapon to defeat Dormammu and impresses Cable. Taki also works to infiltrate Orchis as a triple agent.

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