Clix Yule '22 Day 6 - Come Together

Posted December 26th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

For more details (and a list of all the days so far) you can view the announcement

As the WIN has become more cumbersome to deal with, there has been a need for something else to help people find venues and events. I've been thinking about doing something about it for over a year while also hoping that the WIN would improve.

But in the spirit of Clix Yule, I present to you 
Heroclix Events and Venues on Facebook. It is very much in early days, but the goal of the group is to have a place where venues and events can be promoted without getting swallowed up in other discussions.

I'm also aware that some people don't like Facebook. Right now we also have a public Google Calendar that is mostly going to be focused on events that may draw multi-state attendance. If we grow this, I'm hoping to have Google Docs and other calendars that are maintained by trusted volunteers, to give an alternative to the Facebook Group.

As well, this can help me start a feature I've wanted for Nexus since the first days. Spotlighting events happening in local venues around the world with an article on a Thursday or Friday.

So please, join up and help us all grow this game we love.     

Because without community, Heroclix can't survive.     


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