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Posted January 27th, 2023 by Joe Pangrazio

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Batman Team-Up,  War of Light, War of the Light Fast Forces, DC 75 Anniversary
First Appearance: Green Lantern vol. 4 #25 (Dec. 2007) 
Team Affiliations: Orange Lantern Corps
Powers/Abilities:  Orange Power Ring: Immortality; Vast Energy Manipulation; Matter Manipulation; Limited Reality Warping; Space Manipulation; Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina and Durability; Magical Energy Manipulation; Soul Manipulation; Life and Death Manipulation; Psionic Resistance; Weather Manipulation; Creation of orange avatars; Flight
Created by:  Geoff Johns - Ethan Van Sciver

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Larfleeze is billions of years old, descended from a long lived species. As a child, he is taken from his parents and sold into slavery. The slaves are regularly starved in order to weed out the “weak.” Larfleeze begins a descent into madness from this abuse, beginning to “hear the thoughts” of material possessions, begging him to own them. Larfleeze eventually escapes and joins a guild of thieves.

Larfleeze's guild steal a number of artifacts from the planet Maltus, including a box worth a solar system and a map to untold treasure. The thieves, pursued by the Manhunters on orders from the Guardians of the Universe, travel to Okaara where they discover the temple of the Orange Power Battery. So close to the power battery, the thieves are convinced to fight among themselves to earn its favor. By the time the Guardians and Manhunters arrive, the Power Battery has gained too much strength from the thieves and incinerates any Manhunters that attempt to retrieve the box.

The Guardians offer a deal to the two remaining guild members, one of whom is Larfleeze: in exchange for the box (which contains Parallax) the Guardians will allow one of the guild members to absorb the orange light, as long as it remains in the Vega system. The guild members agree and then fight to the death with Larfleeze emerging victorious and becoming Agent Orange.

The Controllers, desperate to find a power that can rival the Green Lantern Corps, travel to the temple on Okaara. They find the Orange Power Battery but are quickly slaughtered by Orange Constructs when they try to take it. Larfleeze believes the Controllers were sent by the Guardians and is enraged at the violation of their agreement.

Soon after, Green Lantern Stel pursues a member of the Sinestro Corps into the Vega system, though Green Lanterns are forbidden from entering the system. Soon after entering the system, the Sinestro Corps member is devoured by an Orange construct. Stel is seriously injured and branded with the Orange Lantern symbol before being sent back out of the system. When Stel is returned to Oa, a construct of Larfleeze bursts from the symbol and confronts the Guardians, accusing them of trying to steal the Orange Power Battery. The Guardians try to reason with Larfleeze and explain that the Controllers have no connection to them but he doesn't listen, declaring the treaty null and demanding they submit to his demands or face his wrath. Guardian Scar responds by destroying the construct.

The Guardians add a new law to the Book of Oa, allowing Vega to be entered by the Corps. They then lead a full assault on Okaara that includes Hal Jordan with a new Blue Lantern ring. The Green Lanterns are horrified to find that the orange constructs absorb green energy and slain Lanterns are “resurrected” as orange constructs. Jordan comes face to face with Larfleeze who is immediately enamored by Hal's new blue ring. When Larfleeze tries to take it, the ring resists him, declaring that “hope is selfless.” Jordan and Larfleeze bargain for the ring but Jordan is unable to remove it. Believing that a deal is a deal, Larfleeze forms an axe and cuts Jordan's hand off.

The ring then welcomes Larfleeze to the Blue Lantern Corps and for a moment, Larfleeze feels at peace. This is simply a projection by the power ring, in order to buy Jordan time to retrieve the other Lanterns. They all begin attacking Larfleeze again with Jordan attempting to steal the Orange Power battery in order to stop Larfleeze from creating constructs. However, the Lanterns learn that Larfleeze has been in direct contact with the battery for so long that he is bound to it just as the Guardians are bound to the Green Power Battery on Oa.

Jordan is able to subdue Larfleeze but not defeat him. The Guardians do not want to risk the creation of a new Orange Lantern, so they negotiate with Larfleeze. Larfleeze attempts to attack Odym to gain a blue power ring for himself. Before he can gain his prize, however, black power rings flood his chamber and reanimate everyone who has ever died there. Outnumbered, Larfleeze fleeze with his power battery in tow.

Larfleeze is saved by Atrocitus, who immediately demands the orange power battery. The two argue until more Black Lanterns attack them. They are soon saved by Saint Walker, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Sinestro and Indigo-1. While the various Corps leaders agree to work together, Larfleeze demands his own Guardian in exchange for his help. Sayd agrees to become Larfleeze's guardian once the conflict is over. In agreement, they all travel to earth to battle Nekron.

During the final battle against Nekron and the Black Lantern Corps, Ganthet duplicates various power rings to recruit new deputies. While Larfleeze protests this, it is too late and Lex Luthor becomes the second Orange Lantern for 24 hours. Due to their personalities and the power rings, Luthor and Larfleeze repeatedly clash even amonst the larger battle. After the battle, Larfleeze gives Luthor to Earth's heroes and takes Sayd as payment for his help.

Larfleeze returns to Earth and asks Luthor what is important to the people of Earth. Luthor tells the alien power and land. With this knowledge, Larfleeze travels to a small midwestern town and begins living there, using his constructs to steal things from the townsfolk. Hal Jordan confronts Larfleeze to get him to the stop but the alien happily shares that he has learned of Santa Claus. Due to this, Larfleeze believes he can make a list of everything he wants and get it from Santa. Hal tries, and fails, to tell Larfleeze that Santa isn't real. Fearing it's hopeless, Hal asks Larfleeze how he trapped the orange entity in his power battery so that they can trap the other entities and protect them from someone trying to kidnap them all.

Before Larfleeze can answer, Hector Hammond arrives and is able to swallow the power battery, freeing Ophidian the orange entity. The entity takes Hammond as its host which allows the villain to easily overpower Hal and Larfleeze. During the course of the battle/escape, Ophidian reveals that Larfleeze is the only being in the universe that could resist being completely absorbed by Ophidian's will and the entity hates him for it. Hammond's will is strong enough that he stops pursuing Larfleeze and travels to Las Vegas in search of Carol Ferris.

Hal and Larfleeze give chase, with Larfleeze exclaiming that he can't live without his power battery. Once in Las Vegas, however, Larfleeze seems to forget all about Ophidian. He seems quite happy until the Predator entity confronts him and makes him face the emptiness in his own heart. Larfleeze becomes a passenger on the following adventure, deciding he wants to be Queen after Carol is named new queen of the Star Sapphires. When they all return to Earth and meet Adara, Adara tries to help Larfleeze by giving him hope that his parents are alive and miss him.

Larfleeze goes on a small rampage when Santa doesn't bring him what he wants. He is ultimately stopped by Hal Jordan, trying to teach him the meaning of Christmas spirit. Larfleeze decides he doesn't like Christmas spirit.

Krona traps Larfleeze in the Book of the Black, where Larfleeze is forced to relieve his traumatic childhood. After Krona is defeated and Larfleeze is freed, he is initially fearful of the orange power ring. When it returns to his ring, however, he seems to return to “normal.”

Larfleeze again believes the Guardians are trying to steal his power ring and sends Globulus to investigate. This ends up involving Kyle Rayner, who is learning how to wield all the power spectrums. Larfleeze eventually agrees to share his power with Kyle after Carol agrees to help him find his family. It still comes with a test: Kyle must be Larfleeze in a fight and then recharge from the Orange Power Battery. Kyle succeeds as the Third Army attacks Okaara.

Larfleeze is temporarily trapped in a number of illusions by Volthoom before breaking free and helping defeat the Third Army. Larfleeze releases Sayd so that she can return to Ganthet and Hal rewards Larfleeze with the “knowledge of the secret of Ganthet and Sayd's survival.”

Larfleeze is later found to be in control of Brainiac 2.0 after the robot manages to trap planet Xudar with Green and Yellow Lanterns in it.

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